Friday, May 29, 2015

Is Kindness a Mindset?

Kindness is a state of mind, flows from within, not floating on the surface.

Kindness often starts as a thoughtful mind and deliberate action, but enough of it, and it becomes a habit. The true value of kindness is its consistency, to convey a person’s high quality as a human, the high professionalism as an employee; and the true nature as a creature. You don’t need to be a religious person to show kindness, just like you don’t have to go to college to gain knowledge. Kindness is a state of mind. Kindness can have different styles, it could be as hot as flame, or as cool as ice water; It’s something that you commit to before it becomes second nature which overcomes the negative psychology and drives human world progress.

Metaphorizing it in gardening. You plant an apple seed and you're not going to get an orange tree.
Kindness is exactly the same, it's a seed. Plant a lot of kindnesses and watch what happens to your experience of the world. People struggle with the "gap." That is the time it takes for the seed to germinate and grow. All the great teachers have said the same thing because it's a basic truth. You just can't get an orange tree from an apple seed. So simple…

Kindness is a philosophy that has deep roots in the soul. Real kindness requires thoughtful mind and consistent good behavior; it’s neither envy nor revenge. Being thoughtful takes wisdom, and having consistent action requires commitment. In the environment surrounding with negative cultures, kindness sometimes is being portrayed as a lack of competency or out of date. Though kindness doesn't mean one should give up principles and encourage mediocrity. If you are not committed to the practice of kindness, kindness is more or less a random action instead of a way of being. Nothing is wrong with random acts of kindness. However, imagine the possibilities if the citizens of the world committed to kindness as a way of being.

Kindness goes with compassion and empathy. Like wisdom tends to come from within. Compassion touches the heart, but empathy connects the minds. Certainly, you can practice kindness; however, you cannot really see it curing sociopathy. It's a thoughtful mind and deliberate action, it requires the person to commit to the action and consciously consider the result...just as the same would be required for the antonym of kindness, cruelty, prejudice or evil. Though being kind doesn't mean you can’t make tough decisions or challenge conventional wisdom, if only you think it’s the right choice to sow more seeds of kindness for the long run. 'Committing' to anything which you feel has quality, is the first step to developing or uncovering a sincere appreciation.

Kindness flows from within, not just floating on the surface: Kindness is a mindset that has to be put into practice on a daily basis in decision making before it becomes natural for some people. Each time we act with kindness, we are also giving a gift to ourselves... It feels good to be kind and to believe your kind actions will make a positive difference, not only to the person with whom you're interacting but also in the multiplying effect of your kindness, to make an influence on corporate or societal culture. People who are kind to others should receive the merit and credit for acting or doing something kind as it is more than just a second-nature response, kindness, empathy, and cooperation are innate differentiating characteristics of human beings, and it is a healthy and progressive mindset.


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