Friday, May 1, 2015

Happiness is a State of Mind

Happiness is personal, but also universal, sometimes bigger than self.

Many perhaps think happiness comes from the heart: the joyful moment to cheer you up or the enchanting time to touch your soul. Happiness, according to psychologists, is a state of one's mind.

Happiness is a state of mind where one hunts for pastures even in a desert. You would make the time worth if you were to ask an intelligent question why feel happy at certain instances or moments and why not at other times? It is a necessity to know about oneself, about one's own individual personality, so as to think with clarity in life. It’s the moment when one looks at the flowers of roses with ignoring the thorns underneath it. And it's the journey to pursue happiness, not just a destination.

Happiness is the state of mind to find meanings. One of most people’s missions in life–whether they realize it or not – is to find meaning. Break free is true happiness. it breaks the lower boundaries to achieve something of the higher order. It is a connect for a larger purpose. Feeling that life is meaningful is important because:
(1) People who feel life is meaningful are more likely to be in both good psychological and good physical health.
(2) People who feel life isn't meaningful are more likely to be depressed or feel empty inside.
(3) Along with feeling like we belong, coherence in our environment also promotes meaning. When we experience things that don’t make sense, we feel life has less meaning.

Happiness goes beyond mind. You can experience life as a human only through your senses. And senses are directly connected to the mind where the stimuli are sent. When happiness becomes a state of mind, and then one is able to let natural emotions arise based on the triggers and handles them to get back to the happier state, it is becoming normal. People sometimes confuse pleasure with happiness. They always seek out pleasure, and in the process try to seek out happiness too. But the thoughts and feelings are generated from within, based on your deep inner impressions. It can only be picked up to a certain extent at the surface, to soothe your mind, but cannot be eradicated. And there’s something called inner happiness which is much more stable in one’s personality, and free from worldly exuberance.

You don't go looking for happiness following other’s path. You use this flow of happiness from inside to make moments a lot lighter. From where this comes, each one has to follow one's own path to get in touch with the source. Nothing is wrong with liking money. Money gives us a great quality of life. But it’s not the only thing worth pursuing to bring you happiness and should not allow it to override humanitarian considerations. Happiness means different things to the different people at the particular moment of their life. Happiness does not necessarily mean the absence of sadness, but sadness is definitely an absence of happiness. Happiness as human emotion is all around us, but it depends on each individual as to what he or she consider happiness to be. It is purely personal for everybody to consider what they think happiness is. Happiness cannot be an absence of sadness any more than light can be an absence of darkness. Happiness is a very positive emotion that arises out of any manner of positive stroke that is given to us. It could be appreciation, support, money, anything that improves our state of well being.

Happiness can be as simple as tasting a drop of water, or as heavy as lifting a mountain. Happiness is personal, but also universal, sometimes bigger than self. Happiness is not simple because that needs a mind of wisdom to consider all equal. Happiness is the fulfillment in the life of personally real needs and is the pursuit in the life of personally real inspirations. “Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” ~Nathaniel Hawthorne


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