Sunday, May 3, 2015

Digital Master Tuning #81: What's your Next Digital Practice for Talent Management

A high-mature digital organization is shifting from "pushing' stuff to the digital channel into "pulling" resources up for problem-solving.
The businesses and the world as a whole have become hyper-connected and over-complex due to the emerging digital technologies. As a result of digital tools becoming more widely used, and more companies adopting social media platforms, how do you digitize talent management in your company? What's the most effective way to use social media in recruiting, internal communication or training? Do you see human resources becoming increasingly more digital-savvy as well? And what're your best and next practice for radical digital transformation?

Social touch in recruiting is a phenomenon: Social Media is not just a fad, but an actual characteristic of how "C"-the connected generations from baby boomers to Z-Gen communicate and collaborate, that precede them socialize and interact with information. From a business management perspective, it is premature to speak of the “what” and “who” before speaking about the “why.” These why questions would enter into many of the points about branding, compliance, and targets. Before you talk about branding and audiences, any company leveraging social media must come up with a social media policy that lines out the people, and practices, and all the little details that will come up.
Branding: Specifically with recruiting, social media offers a new mode of reaching out to a wider audience of applicants through LinkedIn and other social platforms. One of the best ways the social media being utilized, from a recruiting standpoint, is when companies actually have a twitter account or other social media account directly devoted to recruiting. There are still some problems with applying social media in talent management. For example, how will you control your brand? You have to maintain consistency between recruiting methods and materials. This includes not only visually, but the message you communicate. The digital pivotal businesses are way past the fact of Social Media being purely a push channel for information and advertisement, and deep into what can they puss, and what can be gained using additional applications to reach audiences. The opportunities are vast and becoming ever more sophisticated for every day, there has never been so many opportunities and tools available for engaging, identifying and communicating like right now.

Cost/ROI: What are your budget and labor considerations? It costs money to set up a professional program and it must be consistently monitored. You cannot just throw up something and visit it every once in awhile. Decide if will drive traffic organically or through SEO. Each requires different costs or time. Most HR programs are very difficult to measure because there are so many variables that need to be controlled for an accurate ROI to be measured. Most HR programs can be measured by profit or savings, but this is shortchanging the programs. If those were the expectations of any particular program, you can term the program a success. Anything that is thought to contribute to the profits or savings of the organization needs to undergo a thorough analysis to be sure that the outcomes can address these outcomes singularly, and if not, attempts to control the variables that may influence the outcome need controls.

Compliance: Social media along with other methods need to ensure a balanced recruiting pool, not reduces risks, but increases the likelihood of success. There are essential privacy and security rules, appropriate to the enterprise, being understood, and reinforced. There are trade-offs because the more that people share relevant information, the greater the benefit. However, some information is confidential and privileged, and the boundaries need to be set in advance. Social technology trials could be an opportunity to update the privacy rules and reconsider how the risk landscape is changing. Explore social discovery and identify the social networks relevant to accomplishing the selected business objective.

Target Audience: Is your social media reaching the group you want? Do you have an in-depth understanding of the audience, and their digital “personas,” and how to attract the best talent based on their digital footprint?

“Savvy Content Creator” - They are proactive social influencers climb up to the top of “social ladder,” not only participate, but  create the new content, they practice thought leadership via amplified voice in social media.

Sunny Sharer” - These users make up an “optimistic group” that “is able to see the positive outcomes associated with sharing.” The sharers are engaging and mindful of having “meaningful” interactions, sharing information with the sense of risk control.

Cautious Communicators" - These users are more cautious about the information they share and who they share with. They tend to view social sharing as unavoidable due to how pervasive they are in our society, and they, therefore, take part in them. More often, they are reactive, not proactive.

There’s no one size fit all approach to applying social media in recruiting. It all depends on the situation, target audience and the type of organization and industry. There are countless ways to integrate social media into recruiting. Primarily, it serves as an immediate communication channel and provides far more effective and functionality than certain traditional methods.

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