Sunday, May 10, 2015

Digital Mind Tuning: An Urban Mind

City is a condensed version of human society. But you don’t need to live in a big city to sharpen such an urban mind.
The ever-increasing urbanization has become one of the biggest trends in the history of civilization. Now, more than half of population on the Earth live in urban area, and about one billion of people will move to the cities in the next two decades. How do urban people think or live, what’re their strength or frustration? If urban mind is an emerging digital thought process, do you have to live in the big city to sharpen such a mindset?

Urban Sophistication: Cities are charming, so when cities are at their best, they foster an interactive, graceful, inclusive, and stimulating way of life. The urban sophistication provides multiple dimensions such as urban culture, diversity, historical root, talent mobility, etc. Urban also sophisticates taxonomy of factors such as density, scalability, shared cultural characteristics, cluster effects, specializations, etc. Hence, an urban mind provides a sophisticated understanding of the people, business and social ecosystem, to know intrinsic qualities to ensure that they have the intellect, judgment, and personality to contribute in the right way. A city is like a huge kaleidoscope, an urban mind has certain sophistication to look it through, but not getting lost, with a number of lenses, amplify signals from background noise, and focus on things really matter.

Opportunity Management: Commerce helped give rise to cities, and industrialization has accelerated their growth. The cities are breeding grounds of change and growth in the world today, cities today are not only for market expansion, but also as innovation incubator; information hubs, talent hotbed and centers of society and culture. The advanced transportation system and the emerging digital technologies make the world smaller; the urbanization of today’s fast changing world is an intensely disruptive and dynamic process, urban values are a common factor and opportunity is the key word. So a city of opportunity is thus best described as one of profound resiliency. It is a city of options, of multiple choices, and of multiple paths to lead into prosperity. Hence, an urban mind is embracing discovery, alternatives, and more likely take a learning-oriented approaches which is usually associated with scientific reasoning and innovative agility; people want opportunity foremost, and the professionals with urban mind are drawn to live in the environment with the strongest intellectual capital and open culture readiness. An urban mind will better adapt to the changes, unlock the best in human potential, gain insight about nature of society, grasp the abundance of opportunity and become better innovation practitioner.

Time Management: The fast pace of city life is all about speed, mobility and planning. An urban mind cultivates the time management skill. And time management skill harnesses the confidence. The effective time management will definitely put you on firmness, confidence and dashing as to go head, accept challenges or calculated risks, also surprises, upsets and roadblocks. Time management removes fears, stress of pressures, helps in planning well, an urban mind is more elastic to manage stress; more "cool" to control emotions; and more open to overcome the daily challenges.

Urbanization is a well-established phenomenon. Cities are charming with sophistication, natural beauty, and innovative sensibility all its own. However, it doesn't mean you would be equipped with an urban mind automatically when you live in a city, or in other circumstances, you don’t need to live in a big city to have such an urban mind. It takes practices to sharpen an urban mind, with creativity to grasp opportunities; with tolerance to ambiguity, with resilience to fail over; with adaptability to learn; with empathy to see from different lenses; with fluidity to move forward; with “cool” to control emotions, and with time management skill to build capabilities. It’s the mindset of constant learning, exploration and agility.

“A city isn’t so unlike a person. They both have the marks to show they have many stories to tell. They see many faces. They tear things down and make new again.”Rasmenia Massoud


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