Friday, August 17, 2018

The Book “Digital Hybridity” Quote Collection I

The purpose of the book “Digital Hybridity: How to Strike the Right Balance for Digital Paradigm Shift” is to shed some light on how to strike the right balance of stability and changes; being transactional to keep spinning and being transformational to leap forward for making a seamless digital paradigm shift. Digital organizations should apply the hybrid management approach, focus on building a diverse, networked, and extended modern working environment in which the powerful digital platforms and computing technologies enable seamless conversations, delayer overly rigid organizational hierarchy, inspire idea sharing and brainstorming, and engage employees and partners to achieve the high-performance result.

1 The challenge of digitalization is to have a harmonized vision and build a customized structure to enforce open communication and collaboration.

2 A hybrid organizational structure can bring greater awareness of intricacies and systemic value of organizational systems, processes, people dynamics, technology, and resource allocation, etc.

3 Digital businesses and their people learn through their interactions with the environment, to keep knowledge flow as well as business flow, and strike a delicate digital balance.

4 An organizational structure carries inherent capabilities as to what can be achieved within its frame.

5 The digital paradigm that is emerging is the dynamic organization with hybridity of knowledge, flexible processes, and unique competencies.

6 The paradox is the result of two opposing truths existing side by side, which can be both right.

7 The purpose of digitalization is to make a significant difference in the overall levels of business performance and organizational maturity.

8 Digital kaleidoscope shows the ever-evolving dynamic view, hybrid digital patterns, and mixed cultures.

9 The hybrid nature of innovation is a combination of something old with something new, with a mixed portfolio of incremental innovations and radical innovations.

10 A hybrid of centralization and decentralization is counter-balance of delivering effective IT capability.

11 The hybrid decision-making style is practical because we live in such a hybrid, networked, and extended modern digital working environment.


Delayer overly rigid organizational hierarchy
inspire idea sharing and brainstorming, and engage employees and partners to achieve the high-performance result.

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