Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Monthly “Dot Connections” Systems Thinking Dot Connection Aug. 2018

The effects of an increasingly digitalized world are now reaching into every corner of businesses and every aspect of organizations. Organization of the Future is an organization designed openly for anyone with ideas on how human organizations ought to be contrived in the face of the strategic imperatives of the digital era. The work is not the place you go, but a live organization and an experiment lab you can connect the future dots.


Systems Thinking Dot Connection

Systems Thinking vs. Creativity The purpose of Systems Thinking is to solve problems and creating desirable futures. The goal of creativity is to connect the dots for generating naval ideas. So many people do not know how to connect the dots within complex systems, nor think inclusively or holistically, nor comprehend dynamics, induction or deduction, nor understand expensive variables, interfaces, and interactions. Here is the dot connection between creativity and Systems Thinking.

System Thinking vs. Strategic Thinking? Enterprise is a complex business system, so system thinking looks at business holistically with an in-depth understanding of interconnectivity and relationships; today’s business is dynamic and volatile, so strategic thinking is imperative to connect the current state and “to be” state, to bridge the difference in gaining competitive advantage. More specifically:

Systems Thinking vs Common Sense Common sense is an accumulated experience from day to day activities. With common sense, we avoid the complexity with the intention to think fast. However, we must be cautious of common sense. Because what seems to make sense in one circumstance might not work so well in another situation. Common sense often uses false assumptions and intuition instead of thinking thoroughly. What systems thinking appears to allow us to do pretty well is juggle our pre-conceptions and allow us to comprehend where they lead to. So system thinking vs. common sense: what’s the leverage point?

System Thinking vs. Process Thinking Systems Thinking is how the whole system works together. A process is a smaller part of the larger system. A system is an entity which maintains its existence through the mutual interaction of its parts with a sequence of activities, to keep the coherence of the parts and ensure the required functions. A process is a sequence of activities intended to produce a particular result. So inside the system, there are the processes, and process thinking will and must be compatible with system thinking.

Systems Thinking vs. Inclusiveness: Systems Thinking is a discipline for seeing wholes, and understanding the relationship between the parts and the whole. The relationship is everything. It is a framework for seeing interrelationships rather than isolated things, for seeing patterns of change rather than static “snapshots,” to perceive diversity in unity. In management practice, Systems Thinking advocates inclusiveness; and inclusiveness enforces Systems Thinking.

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