Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The New Book Chapter 5: The Hybrid Workforce Management Introduction

Working hard is really about working smart, with the right mindset and attitude. 

Today the company workforce spans three or even four generations. Each with different leadership, communication, working or learning styles. Each generation is defined by a set of stereotypes, and in fact, that different ages and worldviews learn differently and through different media and methodologies. So, how can digital professionals belonging to different generations learn from each other to advocate the most advanced thinking, ideas, and viewpoint from different perspectives in order to lead their organizations, and fundamentally our society to the next level of the progression?

Build a hybrid and high-performing team: Digital businesses are hyper-connected and interdependent; disorder, friction, and mal-performance are the common phenomenon in every-changing digital dynamic. To nurture creativity and improve performance, the nature of the team is shifting from a homogeneous setting into heterogeneous characteristic. A good team is a cohesive group of people with the cognitive differences, complementary skills, saddled with the responsibility to make the continuous delivery. It takes both complementary and competitive actions in a constructive and professional way to build trust in teams. The complementary actions provide the basis for the trust but the competitive actions in a constructive way strengthen that trust. Importantly, in order build a conducive organizational climate, don’t forget about communication, transparency, and acts of integrity on the part of management in building a hybrid and high- performance team by taking the balanced complementary and competitive actions.

Develop the hybrid learning habit: With faster-paced changes, continuous learning needs to become a great habit and the digital lifestyle. With rapid changes and abundance of knowledge, learning-doing is no longer the linear step but an iterative continuum. Digital workforces continue their learning cycle through ask-learn-share. The emerging digital platforms provide the new ways to learn, share and collaborate. People with great learning habit continuously seek new challenges, solicit direct feedback, self-motivated, and get the work done resourcefully. Digital professionals with learning habit collect feedback proactively to focus on making continuous improvement by taking connect-collect-collaborate scenario. The point of learning is to gather the details around the subject under scrutiny, practice learn-think-understand to capture business insight, Absorbing knowledge is only the beginning of learning, how deeply your understanding is based on the logic, lenses, mindset, and methodology you leverage to interpret things as well as solve problems.

Working hard and working smart need to go hand-in-hand: Working hard is really about working smart, with the right mindset and attitude. The key to hard work is to be sure that you are working hard on those things that matter and not working hard on those things that don’t. Hard work is relative, but what is important is how to well manage the plan, effort, and time. With the right amount and type of effort applied strategically with the good timing, you will be on the right way to achieve the ultimate goals. From the business management perspective, if your enterprise is not going the way it should be going, trying harder is not the solution. You must define your vision, mission, and objectives in any business undertaking, and then pursue them vigorously with the strategy. To put simply, hard work is very important, but do not be a busy fool.

We live in the information and knowledge economy. Managing a hybrid workforce is both art and science. Organizations need to pay more attention to creating shared and admirable goals and then develop an inclusive and innovative team to compete and collaborate as they deem fit. The digital businesses need to shed the tendency to bridge the generational differences and shape the cross-generational mindset with common digital traits and perceive a diverse and complete picture of their workforce.

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