Thursday, November 1, 2018

Dare to Be Creative

Creativity is a function of imagination, knowledge, psychology, activities, and evaluation. 

In order to move the organization/industry/society forward and step into the "VUCA" digital new normal. Creativity needs a problem to solve, and a creative mind needs a purpose. Business leaders must understand that not all of the stakeholders will move through the change curve at the same speed and they should convey a clear message and communicate relentlessly to inspire creativity and spark innovation.

Be raw: Talent is innate, a “raw” ability. It's a natural affinity for something. It can't be completely trained. Talent is not equal to experience, There’s “raw intelligence”; just like a kind of tablet, one already completed and preserved inside you, just like spring overflowing its box or the freshness in the center of the chest. True creativity has an inner origin. And creativity is part of ingenuity. It keeps surfacing from within and keeps expressing fluently. Such creative intelligence is fluid, like fountainhead from within you, and flowing out naturally. Be raw also means to be original. Original thinkers are those come up with conclusions and solutions for problems with their own unique brain processes. Original thinking is independent, creative, unique, special or different. This world needs more of original thinkers than ever to handle the ever-increasing diversity and complexity.

Be foolish: We live in an era of information and knowledge abundance. Don't stop learning, otherwise, your mind will get stale and your knowledge will be outdated. However, absorbing knowledge is a paradoxical process. On one hand, you need to get knowledge from every source that you can. On the other side, you have to be selective. There is false information, and knowledge is outdated sooner than you think. A relentless learner seeks to develop the repertoire of skills that enable him or her to engage the tensions between opposites long enough to transcend duality and seek out novel solutions. They continue their learning cycle via "ask-learn-share." The clear manifestation of intellectual curiosity is to ask good questions, the open questions, the profound questions, and the thought-provoking questions. Digital leaders and professionals should understand that asking/learning is not a sign of weakness but rather an open door to illustrate the value of collective wisdom through developing the answer with others or sharing the power of diverse perspectives to stimulate creativity.

Be rebellious: There's no innovation without disobedience (French Proverb). Creatively disruptive, breaking down silos, updating digital rules, and creating new knowledge are all important perspectives to be creative. Creatives refuse to be bound by constraints and limitations, or conventional wisdom and pursuit of possibilities rather than impossibilities. Not so many people like innovation, because innovation stands for risk, and that is associated with trouble. Innovation is only attractive to the ones who spend their whole life pondering and building creative stuff and think differently (non-linear or different angle). Innovators whose work continues to move forward and, in turn, is profitable to self and others think differently than those who are traditional thinkers. They see the old problems from every direction and find different solutions. The innovator profile that is most common and necessary is the rare being with an innate curiosity to improve, at the risk of disobedience in a positive sense -it's about the desire to make something better and the willingness to try, to make the progressive movement.

Creativity is a flow, an abstract, an imagination, and an association, or simply the unusual dots connection. Creativity is within us and innovators are among us. Being original and being yourself is the first step. In highly innovative and highly mature organizations, creative people are inspired to think and work nearly every day on pondering, learning, and creating. Dare to be creative, and innovativeness is the state of mind.


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