Monday, November 19, 2018

The Monthly “IT Innovation” Book Tuning: IT Innovation & Change Agenda Nov. 2018

Within abundant information and emergent digital technologies, IT is a key component of holistic business mindset to re-imagine “what is possible” - unleashing business potentials and improving business efficiency, effectiveness, agility, and maturity. The art of possible to reinvent IT in the digital age is to deliver the value of information in helping businesses grow, delight customers and doing more with innovation.


 IT Digital Innovation & Change Agenda

The Contemporary CIO’s Digital Innovation Agenda? Digital is the age of innovation. Innovation, in general, is surely a management discipline. IT shouldn’t act as a controller only, limit the business’s creativity. To keep relevant, IT has to shift its reputation from a cost center to the innovation hub of the organization. In fact, IT plays a crucial role in expanding the creative side of the business, and scale the innovation effect of the organization. The contemporary CIO's responsibilities are to understand the business's collaboration needs and innovation demand today and into the future, in order to build an IT-led digital innovation agenda which covers innovation management, knowledge, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, people-centricity, and it is closely related to several other disciplines as well.

Shaping an Effective IT Digitalization Agenda? IT becomes so critically, many times, it is a determining success factor for building long-term business competencies. However, many traditional IT organizations are still perceived as a cost center and get stuck at the lower level of business maturity. At the dawn of the digital transformation, IT faces unprecedented opportunity to refine its reputation, also needs to take more responsibility as a true business partner. Information Technology should be seen by any business as a “digital game changer.” But from here to there is not some spontaneous activities, IT leaders need to clarify the following mysteries for shaping an effective IT digitalization agenda, set the right priority to run a high-performance digital organization.

How to Set Digital IT Change Agenda? Digital businesses become more dynamic and hyperconnected, change is the new normal with faster pace and velocity. IT faces an unprecedented opportunity to refine its reputation, also needs to take more responsibility as a true business partner. CIOs have to get the IT change agenda ready, have access to both internal and external resources for achieving the desired ROI and running high-performance digital IT organization. IT needs to proactively participate in business conversations. Change is not for its own sake, every change needs to have a noble business purpose and a well-set business agenda. Change is a dance between the top management and the affected parts of the organization, and change is an ongoing business capability.

Three Highlight of CIO’s Digital Agenda: With overwhelming growth of information and increasing pace of changes, businesses across sectors are moving from industry speed to digital speed. IT becomes so pervasive and critical, Information Technology should be seen by any business as a “digital game changer.” But from here to there is not a spontaneous adventure, it’s a well-planned, step-wise and non-stoppable journey. How can CIOs lead change confidently and what are the important highlight of the CIO's digital agenda?

The CIO’s Digital Agenda: Running IT as a Digital Transformer  IT is the foundation of data, information, and modern knowledge. The biggest misnomer regarding IT is that it is "just technology." Digital is about the rapid change and continuous business flow, and IT becomes a changing organization to driving business transformation. How to fine-tune IT to become a change agent and get the business digital ready?.

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