Thursday, November 15, 2018

Explore Blue Ocean and Shape Digital Organization

 The shape, size, volume, and color of digitalization keep evolving. It’s like many rivers merged into the blue ocean.

We are living in a complex world where inventions, developments, and conflicts are continuously changing, that makes it impossible to have a complete knowledge and understanding of many issues facing the business today. The digital world today with “VUCA” new normal is just like the big sea, not always calm, but full of turbulence and unpredictability. “VUCA” is an acronym used to describe or reflect on volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of the digital new normal. In the digital age, any business can be at risk for survival at any minute due to continuous digital disruptions, fierce competitions, and dynamic business reality. In the world moves too fast, marketing, finance, technology, and leadership are all intertwined, how can organizations explore their blue ocean and take the evolutionary journey to get digital ready?

Explore the blue ocean of mindset: Our mind as a complex system, like the blue ocean, is often difficult to understand and grasp, hard to predict, but full of treasures and mysteries. Digital professionals today need to learn how to explore the variety of thinking, just like going to treasure hunt at the adventurous journey to explore the blue ocean. Thinking, in general, is about discovery, to understand things with widely different perspectives figure out the holistic point of view. Digital fluidity enables free thinking, intuition, creativity, and nonlinear reasoning. On the business navigation dimension, we live in the digital era, it requires that we move from mindset to mind flow, from fixed mind to growth mind; from feeling stuck to embracing changes. Creativity clearly comes from "opening" of the mind and it is at the intersection of knowledge and imagination. Creative people are able to expand the boundaries of knowledge, like swim in the blue ocean for treasure hunting. When you have dived into the blue ocean of mindset, gone through the multi-dimensional analysis or process, nonlinear thinking helps you understand things systematically, embracing the emergent changes or properties, comprehending dynamics, inductions or deductions, understanding variables, interfaces, and interaction for connecting unusual dots to spark creativity, or knowing the holism via systems thinking. When you practice all sorts of thought processes, you will master the profound thinking, just like know how to swim in the blue ocean.

Dive into the information blue ocean to discover business growth opportunities: Information is the most invaluable commodity individuals and organizations produce in the digital environment in which they currently function. In fact, in this information-abundant digital age, there isn't really much of an enterprise without the massive oceans of information that flow through the enterprise at any given split second. It’s one of the most invaluable business assets which need to be managed successfully, also one of the biggest business challenges which should be overcome smoothly. In reality, many organizations feel overwhelming by the exponential growth of information. The point is that you have to learn how to swim in the rough sea of information in which we live. Information does not live alone but permeates to everywhere in the businesses. Thus, the value of information is not isolated. You must not feel overloaded, and learn how to manage it effortlessly. The highly effective digital organization has a higher level of responsiveness because information can flow to the right people to allow them making the right decisions at the right time, bring better results and improve business fluidity. You need to identify how information is associated with the valued tangibles of your business, your products, and resources; and then, explore new business opportunities and prevent risks by refined information and captured insight.

Explore the innovation blue ocean and understand the dynamic business ecosystem: Enterprises have always been parts of simple or complex ecosystems. That is the fundamental nature of the marketplace and the environment within which the enterprise functions. Besides “keeping the lights on,” can they explore the innovation blue ocean to build their differentiative business competency. Streamlining idea flow is not an easy task. There is a consensus that the external environment is an important antecedent of spurring innovation. It is important to capture the rising trends and take advantage of changes in the external environment to spur breakthrough innovation. The innovative appetite and aptitude decide the future of the business. How far you can swim and how deeply you can dive will directly impact your innovation competency. In order to innovate, an enterprise has to be linked to the many and varied “touch points” between itself and the marketplace environment of which it is a part, and something you do not accomplish overnight. The more ambitious, radical, and market-changing innovations are specifically enabled by connecting key assets and resources in their context and vicinity digitally to the resource-rich innovation clusters across the hyperconnected business ecosystem to create synergy. Breakthrough Innovation is disruptive and will change your organization in many fields. Just like you dive into the deeper sea for treasure hunting. All that makes them very risky but potentially high rewarding.

Digitalization is inspirational, iterative, and progressive. The outlines of the fully digitalized world have long been sketched, but the shape, size, volume, and color of digitalization keep evolving. It’s like many rivers merged into the sea. It’s important to create or explore the blue ocean for spotting unique opportunities to increase business revenues and build differentiated business competency to beat the fierce competition effortlessly.


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