Friday, November 30, 2018

The Art of Creativity

Creativity has many “ingredients.” It doesn’t live inside a box, but a type of out-of-box thinking. 

Creativity is everything that one has seen, felt, touched, dreamed. All our experiences are completely reconfigured in a way that mixes up all these "sense and sensitivity." The poet, capturing a thought, a phrase, finishes it by conveying the deep thinking, and then printing it; but the meaning of the artwork can have multidimensional manifestations. The photographer is not alone in catching something which changes, grows, it is affected by time - but not in the photograph. Creativity is both innate and a skill. Developing creativity requires both self-awareness and internal motivation. Here are three ingredients in the art of creativity.

Intuition: Intuition or being intuitive is when you have a gut feeling about something. It is when there isn’t an exact answer to the puzzle because you don’t have all the pieces. but the Master Creator knows how to put things together. The word intuition comes from Latin verb “intueri” which is usually translated as to look inside or to contemplate. Intuition is thus, often conceived as a kind of inner perception sometimes regarded as lucidity or understanding. Chaos needs to be navigated by intuition, Intuition is also called gut-feeling; because it seems to have got to do something with the gut. “Thinking outside the box” is about being creative with gut-feeling. Creativity is a combination of something currently non-existent, thoughts, acts and with or without constraints. To be creative, you need to be conscious or curious about things that surround you. To be conscious is to be aware and engaged with both the inner world of thought, feeling, choice, or being called intuition. There’s a critical link between creativity and intuition. Creativity is a result of living in your intuitive space. It is an action or a reaction to the world, from that place, it has no fear or traditions. It's not only about trying to "think outside the box," but an intuitive expression and alternative path that takes you wherever it needs to go, without boundaries.

Imagination: Imagination is the seed to grow creativity. Knowledge is limited, but imagination is limitless. Imagination is the fuel for the “Creativity Engine.” Creativity is an actual idea carried out in a tangible way that offers or shows something new or imagined. Thinking things differently and making imagination roll into reality is creativity. No imagination, the creativity engine simply will not run. The imagination can entertain the seemingly impossible, given the right resources of knowledge, experience, and talent; a bridge may be created between the current 'impossible' to a whole new 'possible.' Imagination is the ability to expand the boundaries of knowledge to connect unusual dots for sparking innovation. As Albert Einstein wisely said, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” An open mind leads to imagination, imagination leads to discovery, discovery leads to creativity. So, you should learn how to liberate the imagination and come up with a new approach to solve problems, that is creativity.

Originality: Originality is valuable as authenticity. Be true to one's own personality, spirit, or character. Original thinkers master of independent thinking processes of being open to wonder, not get manipulated by authorities. It is like setting time aside to allow an idea or a problem to incubate. It is in combination with immediate learning give way to advancing insight. The original thinking might have something to do with self -belief. With originality, the creation bears its own signature of truth which is communicated in time from mind flow. You only know what you already know, but the next moment is open to all answers and questions you do not know yet. That means, with an open mind, the creation can enter consciousness. It takes the courage to be original, be different. Originality perhaps needs a driver, such as desire on the one hand, or adversity, on the other side, to provide a motive force for seeing new connections or understanding the new paradigm, to spark creativity.

Creativity has many “ingredients.” It doesn’t live inside a box, but a type of out-of-box thinking. So, you have to pull it out of the box and look at it through different lenses. Creativity is indispensable because it’s about thinking beyond conventional wisdom, and creating new knowledge. Maybe creativity is more a process like flow. It starts somewhere, it is thought over, it is brought into relation and it is worked out; a process with a seemingly beginning and end. Creativity plays its part in all the steps.


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