Sunday, February 3, 2019

High Mature Digital Leaders with “Discovery Eyes”

Today’s digital leaders need to have digital mindsets with multidimensional intelligence allowing them making sound judgments and discovery eyes enabling them discerning patterns or qualities.

Due to the increasing pace of changes and exponential growth of information, forward-looking digital organizations have to navigate through the uncertain future, explore new possibilities, manage risks and build the business competencies so that the organization does not only 'earn enough from today,' but 'thrive in the future,' That’s what really matters from the longer term perspective. Therefore, today's digital leadership has to be continually reimagined, refined, refreshed and re-energized. The high mature digital leaders are not only cool-headed to steer their organizations in the right direction, but also have a pair of “discover eyes” to see intangible, perceive invisible, and reimagine the “art of possible” in order to run high performance and high-innovative digital business.

Discover patterns: The digital organization is the system. System = Pattern. Patterns are defined as “solutions of problems in a context,” with a body of “descriptions of forces.” The digital leaders today need to be the systems thinkers who can recognize pattern languages. When patterns work together to solve problems in a particular area, these patterns are called a pattern language. The pattern language is the system of rules that say how patterns can be combined in ways that "make sense" syntactically and add insight semantically. Tie pattern thinking and systems thinking work together to understand and develop the framework for digital transformation. Patterns are containers for articulating relationship for enabling problem-solving and design thinking. Particularly there is the way we can navigate from pattern to pattern to learn about a problem space and to apply different solutions in combination. Fundamentally, running a business is an iterative problem-solving continuum. The examination of systems thinking and recognization of pattern language help to understand a business system is a necessary precondition for effective intervention and diagnose the root causes by peeling back different layers and address the real problems systematically. It helps to reduce business frictions, tensions, and conflicts that arise, enforce interrelationship and cross-functional communication and collaboration.

Discover untapped leverage: Digitalization implies the “always on and hyper-connected” business with "VUCA" (Velocity, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) characteristics. Digital transformation represents a break from the past, with a high level of impact and complexity. Businesses have many variables. If you pick the right one to change and discover the untapped leverage, perhaps you could make a huge impact on accelerating business performance disproportionately. Sometimes, you need to leverage all tradeoffs, retreat today’s performance a step back in order to accelerate the future. Thus, it’s important for digital leaders and managers recognizing the limitations of their perspectives, methodologies, and tools of traditional management approach when addressing and dealing with varying business circumstances and working with relevant business systems, balancing the varying viewpoints in order to discover untapped leverage for catalyzing business growth. In essence, what distinguishes one company from another is about people, products, and technologies. Many organizations perhaps still think their IT as the support tool and cost center. But leading organizations across the vertical sectors declare they are in the information management business, no question information and technology are the competitive advantages or your untapped leverage. Because technologies can even push you out of business overnight if you do not adapt to the new business model and capture the uprising trends timely. Quality Management is another untapped leverage in many businesses. If you only think that quality management is the business of one department, you might miss the point; as a degree of quality is everything people do and experience. It requires engaging all the people involved working together as a team to excel in quality products and services deliveries for building the business advantage.

Discover the “diamond in the rough”: see apples, imagine the “apple pie”: Insightful digital leaders with “discovery eyes” can see through the characters, discover potentials, capture the substance, and abstract quintessential. Potential is about future performance, not past performance. Unleashing potential either for individuals or businesses is about how to discover the “raw” or innate abilities, and how to strengthen the strength to develop a unique set of competencies. From a business management perspective, discovering potential is an investment for catalyzing the business, designing new business models, and improving revenue growth based on the core set of the business competencies. From the people management perspective, if you want to create a truly high-performance team, you have to understand your people at the deep level, discover their character - “the diamond in the rough.” The thought process, behavior, and outcome need to be assessed cohesively, to truly understand the talented employee as a whole about “who they really are” consistently. Then, cultivate the culture of authenticity to encourage creativity, recognize people's potential by their unique insight, mastery of new roles quickly and effectively, learning more rapidly, thinking or doing things innovatively, and empower them to become “who they want to be.” Also, discourage mediocracy which is often the root cause of negative vibes in the workplace, and stop unhealthy competition which stifles innovation and decelerate business progress.

Today’s digital leaders need to have the digital mindset with multidimensional intelligence allowing them making sound judgment and discovery eyes enabling them discerning patterns or qualities, in order to drive businesses in the right direction, lead changes confidently, refine the culture of innovation, accelerate business performance and unleash the full business potential.


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