Monday, February 4, 2019

The Wishes and Blessings to Celebrate the Lunar New Year

Should you have the wisdom to- earn from the mistakes of - your past, turn them into - something brighten your future, freshly. 
The lunar new year is just around the corner. It is special because it’s both the new year celebration and also the spring festival, it’s cold and warm because it usually happens at the bridge time of winter and spring. 

There are both lanterns and flowers as the decoration, it could also be the holiday to bridge East and West. Here is a set of great New Year wish and blessing collection to celebrate the Year of Pig.

Just as you usher-
 in lights, 
lanterns, all sorts of forms of -
illuminations to -
welcome the New Year, 
Hope the New Year usher in -
for you new hopes, dreams, aspirations.

This Lunar New Year may your life hold for you,
 as much assortment as-
the different periods of the moon.

 With each passing moment, 
let us embrace -
the New Year with-
 a brighter, colorful, 
joyous future.

When the midnight bell rings, tonight, 
let it signify new and better things for all of us, 
let it signify-
 a realization of all things, 
we wish for;
let it signify-
 a year of courage and wisdom, 
wishing you -
a very very very prosperous year.

May the old year take with it,
 all your anger, jealousy, and ego; 
hope the New Year bring with  -
modesty, humility, honesty.

Should you have the wisdom to-
 learn from the mistakes of -
your past,
turn them into -
something brighten your future,  freshly.

Don't curse the darkness –
 light a candle.

Do not fear going forward slowly; 
fear only to stand still.

At the point when-
 the mid-night chime rings, this evening, 
let it -
connote new, better things for you;
let it imply an acknowledgment of everything you wish for;
Let it mean -
a year of strength and astuteness, 

Wishing you an exceptionally prosperous year.

May the new year keep -
your life delights, 
that never blur,
 trusts that never kick the bucket, 
quality that never debilitates. 
Wishing you an extremely happy New Year.

May you always be surrounded by-
 hope and guided by the stars. 

Have a prosperous New Year!


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