Saturday, February 16, 2019

How to Close Motivation Gap

Motivation is the "cognitive momentum" that comes from consistently applying the habits congruent with the achievement of the goal. 

Motivation is not only about the feeling, but a combination of several emotions also describes the trajectory of behavior. All motivation is a form of consciousness. It gives you the energy to do everything that you must do. Motivation is the "cognitive momentum" that comes from consistently applying the habits congruent with the achievement of the goal. You are motivated to move away from something because it is painful and also move towards something which is inspiring.

If there are no inspiring ideas – people’s motivation is reduced: Motivation should be heart desire, true passion, and authentic expression. The purpose is the greatest motivator; a deep desire to make the world a better place and fueled by a sense of gratitude and responsibility that compels you to stay committed. The greater the excess of resources and diversity; the greater the need for team structures and the greater the need for creativity to keep them motivated. From a business management perspective, it’s important to develop the process of a corporate pulse that identifies where the pulse/passion/motivation/ commitment of the organization lies, and who embodies it. Let people explore where their energy is and then, align the energy to work at hand, and motivate them to think and do things innovatively. Thus, successful management will inspire changes and well align the individual’s professional goals with the strategic goal of the business, to motivate people achieving more, accelerate business performance and unlock collective potential.

When people are motivated by fear, motivation is short-lived: Motivation is at the ground level and immediate. It can be either the carrot or the stick. Motivated has two elements of push and pull factor. Fear is an effective motivator but only for a short run. As soon as you remove the threat the motivation is removed as well. True leaders don't lead by fear but rather by respect. The receiver of the information should also be processing information through communication feedback and by asking questions. You can't build trust or motivate effectively if you don't engage with people. Organizations with a command type of organizational culture indifferent to external innovations. The leader can articulate the goal and why the goal is important. People can then become motivated by the conversation through listening and asking questions through the engagement process. A motivational leader is a means toward reconciling all the different factors toward a unifying and driving motivation but it isn't the only answer. Leading by example is one of the most effective methods of motivation, whether it is a personal drive to succeed, to make a difference, or help others to be successful. It takes different mindsets, attributes, and personal goals.

Let people explore where their energy is and then, align the energy to work at hand: It is correct that people give their best when getting motivated. An unmotivated individual or team cause low morality, or lack of energy. Motivation is to drive action; it takes incentive; motivation is to push ahead, to compete to win; Motivation is not a feeling but describes the trajectory of a behavior. As such, motivation can be understood and influenced using behavioral principles. When motivating people via great words, they will be delightful to do the work because they have been listened to and understand why they are doing it, they are more engaged in the work and bring up the high-performance result. In a crisis, the power is concentrated in the hands of leaders and teams are not possible. Teams are built on a high level of a person’s motivation (self-motivation), which cannot be bought. People should be the center of innovation management and they are the major focus for the innovation process and accomplishment.

Most of these organizations with real teamwork are headed by strong leaders with original ideas. The team's creativity is inspired and motivated by the leaders, who see, understand, and appreciate the merits of different people. It offers a foundation to build ideas upon. Motivation is the additional urge to get something done. The only one who can motivate you is you. You have to have the desire and be willing to challenge yourself to be all you can be.


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