Thursday, June 23, 2016

“Digital Agility” Quote Collection II

Agile doesn’t fail, people do.

16 The solution to encourage creativity is to maximize use of employee brainpower.

17 Build a good quality product and create sufficient documentation, but don’t focus on make the document super flashy.

18 Every system is a construct of the mind. System wisdom is more as philosophical wisdom rather than just scientific intelligence.

19 Self-organization directs the individual perspectives into creative, adaptive, iterative and incremental problem-solving approach.

20 Overall speaking, you should always be picking up stories which have the highest business value or customer needs.

21 Agile is both philosophy and methodology, mindset and framework.

22 At the top level, Agile needs to be the philosophy to perceive multidimensional business values.

23 The focus of structure experiment needs always to be on exploring the various pathways towards desired goals.

24 Agile is the practice for both eliminating unproductive complexity, and enforcing productive complexity.

25 Innovation Agility enables people to see and solve problems in flexible and adaptive ways.

26 “Knowledge on demand” is about making all types of data and information accessible in situations and context as needed.

27 The benefits of agility are not sustainable unless engineering practices are adopted in the earnest.

28 The best way to fail Agile is thinking that you will implement agile inside a business unit without taking into account the whole enterprise.

29 Agile doesn’t fail, people do.

30 Agile is more a “direction,” than an “end.” Transforming to Agile culture means the business knows the direction they want to go on.

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