Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Book “Digital Agility” Quote Collection V

59  Agile is a metaphor to a “Learning Organization.”

60 Agilists are phenomenally disciplined in focusing on value, prioritizing, executing, and collaborating.

61 Being agile means anticipating likely change and addressing it deftly, keeping business on course and customers satisfied.

62 The strategic planning and agility need to achieve contradictory coherence with such delicate balance.

63 An agile culture is not the result of a scalable process, but of adaptive mind and scalable behavior.

64 Systemicness of agile means to leverage Systems THinking not only in the context of the individual project, but also to be considered at the enterprise level.

65 The interactions between Agile values, principles, and practices are tightly coupled.

66 From doing agile to being agile, achieving agility is a strategic priority for any high mature digital organizations.

67 Agile is a paradox because it is not lack of disciplines, but needs to be more disciplined.

68 Agile stifles innovation when stakeholders dictate “how” and not get “why,” and “what.”

69 Self-organization directs the individual perspectives into a creative, adaptive, iterative and incremental problem-solving approach.

70 Senior management needs to focus more on agile philosophy, principles, and management discipline.

71 Software development is both science and art work, “productivity” implies both quality and quantity.

72 The Agile leaders have to listen to all demands and decide the path ahead.

73 Doing Agile is only an engineering practice, but being agile is he multidisciplinary challenge from top-down and bottom-up.
74 The twin goals of an Agile transformation are to increase value received and decrease risk.

75 Agility involves the whole ecosystem.


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