Monday, June 20, 2016

“Leadership Master” Book Quote Collection II

Digital leadership is both the hard capability and dynamic force to drive digital flow.

11. Fundamentally, leadership is more about the future, but starts at today.

12 Leadership vision is built on the leader’s authenticity.

13. There are many multinational companies around, but very few global companies; there are many international managers, but very few true global leaders today.

14. Creative expansion cannot happen without vision.

15 To predict is to control, to co-create is to influence what you would like to bring into being.

16 A vision should be attainable subject to current times and its ability to adapt to changing times.          
17 Generally speaking, vision is a future state of beings.

18 A wise leader doesn’t just follow but discover the path.

19 The art of questioning is to ignite innovative thinking; the science of questioning is to frame system thinking, with the progressive pursuit of better solutions.      

20 The answer from yesterday is not as critical as the questions about the future.

21 A set of excellent questions themselves is perhaps like a poem, both philosophical and intellectual.

22 Change shouldn’t be treated as a singular occurrence when it is an ongoing, continued process and dynamic capability within the organization.

23 A strategy is a combination of an origin, a destination, and a route to get from origin to destination.

24 “Digital fit” should be first defined as “mind fit,” and then following with attitude fit and behavior fit.


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