Friday, June 24, 2016

The Book “Digital Agility” Quotes Collection III

Agile is a set of principles. Agile doesn’t mean to take less discipline, but more.

31 Agile is about failing your way to success and impact. It is also about doing the right things before doing things right.

32 There are many roadblocks on the Agile way: from mindset to culture of mediocre; from misunderstanding to lack of focus.

33 The agile way is more adapt to changes, but shall not lose the sight of big picture.

34 You can only fail better only if you learn from failures. And then failing is something that prompts you to move ahead.

35 Doing Agile is just a first step; being agile needs to have a totally different mindset, and multidimensional perspectives.

36 Agile is not just a methodology, but a set of principles and philosophy.

37 Agility within and of itself is a strategy.

38 The well-defined principles last when time moves on. However, a progressive organization or society will love to break the old or hidden rules in order to move forward.

39 Both Agile and DevOps are for harnessing integration, interaction, and innovation.

40 Agility should not be translated to sacrificing planning, management guidelines, and quality assurance.

41 On a digital continuum, you’d have well-defined process on one end, and loosely defined practices on the other end.

42 Agile does not mean laissez-faire, flexibility and freedom are based on the well-defined principles.

43 The beauty of agile comes in with its incremental nature and use of empiricism to focus on three “I”s - Interaction, Iteration, and Improvement.

44 Change is not for its own sake, it’s the means to the end, not the end.

45 Agile is people-dependent. This is certainly not specific to Agile.

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