Wednesday, June 22, 2016

“Leadership Master” Book Conclusion: Digital Leadership as Harmonizer

Harmonization is the digital leadership theme to leapfrog leadership maturity.

We slowly, but steadily move to the digital era with an abundance of knowledge and flow of information and ideas, digital leadership is about harmonizing and orchestrating toward the next level of prosperity and leap to the next level of maturity with the following trends and traits:

A digital leader is a visionary: Due to the “VUCA” characteristics of digital new normal, digital leaders need to be visionary to help businesses navigate through the uncharted water and blurred digital borders. Leadership is one’s ability to paint a vivid picture, a vision of a future state and motivate others to achieve it. For better or worse, leadership is a very complex subject which includes a myriad of hard capabilities along with the soft skills of leadership and interpersonal behaviors.

A digital leader is progressive: Nobody, including leaders, is perfect. Any leader who is willing to admit “I’ve made mistakes in the past,” or “I am still learning how to do this better,” is going to be approachable and set the right example for others to follow. And most people are looking for leaders who make progress, rather than perfection. A digital leader relentlessly grows with continuous delivery. A digital leader envisions changes, keeps learning agile and advances the business and our society.

A digital leadership is a great coach: Leaders understand what failure is, but they inspire a culture of innovation with calculated risk tolerance. The role of a leader is to coach others and create conditions that encourage and enable others to dedicate their collective intelligence, talent, and full energy to achieve the extraordinary result. Leaders are sure enough in themselves to know what they don’t know and trust their own judgment of others to empower those around them to make an organization successful.

Leadership is a journey from good to great. Greatness is what you overcome. The difficult situations, challenges, problems, all those things that make you suffer lead to greatness if you could overcome and learn from them. The digital leadership trends and traits described in this book are defining qualities that will distinguish great leaders from the rest, to go deeper, beyond a status quo, it’s about harmonizing and orchestrating an innovative organization and peaceful society.


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