Saturday, June 25, 2016

The “Digital Agility” Quote Collection IV

Being agile is about continuous improvement.

46 Business agility is the capability to adapt to changes.

47 For Agile, the old saying may still work - you get what you measure.

48 The goal of measurement is to not only do things right but do the right things and continuously improve doing that.

49 Senior executives are more interested in “value realized” by the organization than the “value delivery” by the team.

50 If you want to measure agility, you need to be able to measure how well your organizations can respond.

51 “Agility” is a philosophy of managing complexity and unpredictability through empiricism.

52 Measuring Agile maturity at both macro level and micro level.

53 The overall organizational health needs to be measured via employee engagement, culture readiness, business agility, and customer-centricity, etc.

54 An agile organization is one that is open to change and can adapt readily when change is needed.

55 Doing Agile is only an engineering practice, but being agile is the multidisciplinary challenge from the top down and bottom up.

56 Overall, Agile is a mindset change - from doing agile to being agile; from being an agile newbie to becoming a high-performing agilist.

57 Agile is neither a golden hammer nor a silver bullet, it is more like a silver mirror, you need to make continuous reflection and improvement.

58 Being agile is about continuous improvement.

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