Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Book “Digital Agility” Quote Collection

       Agile is the "State of the Mind."

  1. Agile is a state of mind, not a process.
  2. The agile way is customer-centric, purpose-driven, capability-based and talent-oriented.
  3. Critical thinking has the potential to be a deeply creative process.
  4. The “state of mind” is a big part of the agile transformation.
  5. Systemicness of agile means to leverage Systems Thinking not only in the context of the individual project but also to be considered at the enterprise level.
  6. Learning agility means to learn, de-learn, and relearn all the times.
  7. Doing agile is a set of activities, but being agile is the state of mind, the ongoing capability, and the cultural adaptability.
  8. Orchestrating a diversified team can indeed enhance the higher level of harmony.
  9. Accountability means to say what you do, do what you say.
  10. Agile is more a “direction,” than an “end.” Transforming to Agile culture means the business knows the direction they want to go on.
  11 In essence, Agile is a philosophy and a set of principles.
 12 The success agile formula: Good people + average process = Success
Great people + average process = Guarantees Success   
   13 One of the reasons to see improved productivity in Agile is because of the simplicity principle.    14 Principles are those core decisions values, not value as in benefit, but values as in beliefs
that shape behavior and define culture.
15 Agile is not prescriptive and which techniques are appropriate will depend on the context.


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