Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Monthly Insight: Principles and Practices for Digital Transformation Oct.,2017

Change is inevitable, organizational change has become a common practice within an organization, but too often changes are made as a reaction to outer impulses, crisis, and demands. This is the bureaucracy’s way of meeting the challenges. A digital transformation is achieved via dynamic Strategy-Execution-Change life cycle management, though it is not all linear steps, but an iterative, ongoing and upgoing change continuum. How to set principles and develop next practices to lead change and digital transformation  effortlessly?

Principles and Practices for Digital Transformation

Build a Comprehensive Digital Framework with Principles, Processes, and Practices to Accelerate Digital Transformation? Digitalization is not just about adopting the latest technologies or cool gadget only, it has to expand into every dimension of the organization with a structural approach. The digital framework provides guidelines, checklist, standard, processes, do & don't practices, as well as tools and building blocks to define or develop business competencies and manage a holistic digital transformation. The digital frameworks add value as they are implementations of the patterns to avoid having to reinvent the wheel, it helps the organization embed digital culture into the very fabric of the business, explore digital in a structural way and laser focus on the most important

  • Three Digital Information/Knowledge Management Principles? Digital organizations are information overloading and knowledge abundant, but very few of them are truly running the digital-savvy, high-intellectual business. IT plays a critical role in information management to ensure the right people getting the right information to make the right decisions timely. CIOs as “Chief Information Officer”: How to set digital information/knowledge management principles and develop the best and next practice to keep information flow, knowledge flow, and therefore business flow??  

  • The Basic Prescription for Change Management? Compared to the business world decades ago, the speed of change is increasing, and digital ecosystem has become more dynamic, complex and hyperconnected. Change Management also turns to be more complex with the very high failure rate. There is no magic formula to manage changes, and each situation is different, every organization just has to explore their own way of managing changes because different organizations evolve digital with the different speed. Change Management has a very wide scope and is a relatively new area of expertise. In many circumstances, change management itself has to be changed for fitting the digital new normal. Still, there are common digital principles all kinds of businesses can follow, and there are basic prescriptions for improving the overall "health" of Change Management.

  • Setting Digital Mantras for Accelerating Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is the long journey. Digital doesn’t mean just tear down all the old things in the previous era. In reality, digital means to strike the right balance between the new way and the “old way.” to do things, to strike the delicate balance. Organizations have to set fair principles, build the well-rounded capabilities, run up all important stages for reaching high digital maturity and reap the benefit via going digital with full speed.

  • Setting Digital Performance Measurement/Management Principles? Enterprise performance management is about how organizations manage performance at both strategic and operational level to achieve the setting business goals and objectives. Selecting performance metrics is the main challenge in establishing a performance management framework. It is vital that there is a shared consistent understanding of performance measurement and how to set common digital performance principles for improving enterprise performance management effectiveness.

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