Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Moon Thought to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Day


As full and round as tonight’s moon:
           Like a silver plate,
           hanging in the sky.
The moon is reflecting us,
           we mirror the moon.

As flux and lucid as tonight’s moon:
Like a clear river running above.
           The moon is washing us,
           and we are melt with the moon.

As deep and charming as tonight’s moon:
                                           Like a loyal friend,
     guide us through.
                                            The moon is watching us,
                                             and we trust the moon.

As warm and bright as tonight’s moon:
The moon is chasing us,
and we walk surround the moon.

As open and sophisticated as tonight’s moon:
The moon enchants us,
and we admire the moon.

The moon is so far away, and the moon is so close by.
The moon warms us up and cools us down.

We enjoy the special moment of the Mid-Autumn Day, to celebrate another Full Moon Harvest.


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