Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Digital IT Manifesto

  Inquisitiveness over “status quo”; Influence over command and control.

IT transformation is the journey to pursue high-level business performance, enable operational excellence, enforce innovation, and catalyze digital transformation.

Digital IT designs to CHANGE over builds to last;  
from functioning to firm to DELIGHT;      
from reactive to proactive to GAME-CHANGING.

Digital IT leadership requires a clear vision, multi-dimensional intelligence, and creative communication:
      Inquisitiveness over “status quo”;
      Influence over command and control;
      Outside-in customer focus over inside-out operation driven;
       T-Shape Expertise over narrowly technical knowledge;
   Trendsetting over controlling;
       Transformative agenda over transactional activities.

Digital IT achieves high maturity in pursuit of high performance, responsiveness, innovation, and speed.

Accelerate IT performance  over  “keep the lights on” only;
       “Doing More with Innovation” over “doing more with less";
         Leading Change Proactively  over taking orders as a support function;
        Digging into Root Cause over fixing the symptoms;

     Building Business Competency over providing commodity services;
Achieving IT Premium over getting stuck in the “comfort zone”.

Digital IT is the catalyst of the digital transformation. IT just needs to adjust to the digital speed, be wired to change, become a service broker, a business solutionary, value-creator, and a digital orchestrator.


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