Sunday, December 6, 2020

Innovation Index

Organizations are making a seamless management shift from managing people as a human cost to treating humans as resources to investing in people as the capital and managing knowledge as a soft asset.

Modern society is hyper-diverse and super-connected, interwoven by abundant information and emerging technology. Today's digital workforce is a digital savvy new breed, business leaders and professionals have to develop their unique competency and become more innovative. 

The great workplace encourages critical thinking and inspires creativity. The best performance management system needs to tie everyone in the organization to company’s profit and also company’s rewards. At the same time, there are individual performance incentives which are measured against personal goals and a set of performance indexes to assess and drive a healthy learning-doing business continuum.

Competency index: Today’s workforce is multigenerational, multicultural and often multitalented. Either individually or collectively, competency is a combination of capabilities with a focus, each of these capabilities may be combined in different fashions to yield multiple competencies. Business management can make an objective assessment of workforce performance and potential, building competency index by evaluating employee engagement, communication effectiveness, learning agility, problem solving skills, collaboration coherence, innovativeness, and productivity, etc. At the organizational level, competencies usually emerge from a blend of people, processes, and culture which evolves into a mindset - and can you really acquire that simply by adding people with relevant skill sets. It’s important to engage people with recognition and intellectual challenges. When people are filled with inspiration supported by better understanding , they intend to build their capabilities and unleash their full potential effortlessly.

A digital professional can be ripened to maturity through the combination of quality, authenticity, capability, and potentiality. Usually high professionals have a positive and forward-thinking mindset, they are open-minded, confident, insightful and disciplined. A professional competency index helps to assess the employee's contribution and ability to fulfill tasks and objectives in line with the organizational goals both at the strategic and operational level qualitatively and quantitatively. It also helps people improve their professional capabilities based on their strengths and integrate them into cohesive and differentiated competency to ensure the organization is in great shape for maximizing the collective human potential.

Innovation index: Innovation is all about how to disrupt outdated thinking and the old way to do things, and figure out alternative solutions. Being innovative is a state of mind. Some individuals demonstrate more innovative traits than others. Still, creativity muscle can be strengthened and innovation competency can be developed. The Personal Innovation-index will indicate, top-down, the contributed economic value of each employee (executive/management, professional/expert) in relation to their innovative initiatives and personal activities, commitment, influences, impact, and contributions. In addition, assess the innovation maturity level of an employee based on the personal impact and influences on innovation, the ability to innovate, the ability to network externally, the ability to innovation integral and the ability to accelerate operational processes, etc.

Being innovative is a growth mindset and a proactive attitude. Developing people’s innovative mindset and innovation competency raise different "learning" issues that organizations must deal with smoothly. It’s fair to build a creative working environment for developing the intrinsic innovation capacity of individuals or enforcing their professional innovative traits such as interdisciplinary skills and knowledge, plasticity (fast learning), openness to experience, tolerance of ambiguity, cognitive ability and styles, intellectual engagement, creative problem-solving, ability to identify patterns or make unusual connections, tendency to constantly question the status quo, capacity to adapt, emotional intelligence and risk-taking attitude.

Discipline index: Discipline means embracing certain values and principles or having good time management skills to either improve performance or unleash potential. Self-discipline is nothing but self-consciousness. It is about being balanced in thoughts and actions rather than getting the trap of polarity. A discipline index traces how the true self-discipline ought to be able to engage with any situation that one might encounter; impose a method to set priorities balanced and impose the discipline needed to run them; enforce Time Management skill which is all about choosing to help oneself by being able to put in efforts only after you have prepared yourself to take and bear risks of meeting and facing challenges of fears and the beliefs which blind others. Without discipline, you do not create a new state of awareness where the self is nourished through the experience of positivity.

Well disciplined people often exercise restraint while expressing emotions or may avoid indulgence because of better control over self via the clarity of thoughts, not because of any weakness. Self-disciplined people are more influential because more often they can walk the talk. Self-disciplined people have better clarity of thoughts and it's what supports that moral courage and allows them to act in the right manner. People are drawn toward highly disciplined people because they like the stability of knowing that a person they are following is consistent and reliable.

Organizations are making a seamless management shift from managing people as a human cost to treating humans as resources to investing in people as the capital and managing knowledge as a soft asset. The logical management scenario with a variety of indexes helps to manage a healthy workforce that attracts the right people with a growth mindset, the right aptitude, and attitude, with autonomy and changeability, bring positive energy to the workplace. The corporate performance management needs to do a similar adjustment, to ensure the individual performance is assessed objectively and the corporate performance is evaluated holistically, to ensure the business as the whole is superior to the sum of pieces.


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