Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Top leaders or professionals today need to change outdated rules or co-create new rules to make collective progress based on their advanced mindsets, fresh insight, genius factors, proficient knowledge, and niche skill sets.

We are on the advancing journey of achieving ultra modernism when we move from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy to a creative digital economy. Different people and organizations have different strengths and capabilities. Thus, they need to take a unique path at their own pace to stretch their strength and build their core competency. 

It’s important to recognize top talented people based on their cognitive abilities, quality, relevant knowledge and expertise, a unique set of capabilities and maturity, not stereotype or conventional fit.

Advanced mindsets with unique insight: Mindset is the most invaluable thing to shape every human progress, but also the root cause of almost all problems we face. In fact, mindset is everything. Oftentimes, the fixed and rigid mind won’t allow a person to think beyond a point and get stuck in the middle of changes. Usually forward-thinking people do not restrict themselves to conventional wisdom, instead, they break it through. Top digital leaders and professionals are equipped with high quality thought processes to shape unique viewpoints based on forward-thinking, upwards, and open-minded, etc. Developing quality thinking and understanding is a very hard work and does include observation, inquiries, logical reasoning, unusual connections, experimenting, or high level cognition skills, etc.

Today we are inextricably linked, in real time and in ways far more imminent than most realize. Understanding character is very relevant and timely for those leaders or professionals who are seeking new ways to maximize human capital initiatives in their organizations. We need to understand that character oozes out of a person’s thought process, communication, behaviors and action and so on. Unique digital leaders and professionals have strong characters and brain power for boosting creativity, dealing with paradoxes, overcoming difficulties, continuously learning, growing, changing, and maturing.

High talent with a unique “genius factor”: We all have some innate strength or a set of talent. When people understand their “Genius Factor,” which is their gift to the world. they can be themselves in the truest sense. They don’t need to compare themselves to anyone else. They don’t need to pretend to be someone or something they aren't. People who align their work with their “Genius Factor” achieve their goals at a remarkable pace, because they pursue things that matter to them and make full use of their innate talents, special gifts and intelligence. It gives them power that others feel and want to be part of. Without such an understanding, people have little idea about who they are, so it’s little wonder that other people struggle to understand who they are as well.

Collaboratively, the most desirable genius is to be able to draw out the genius in others. Seek uniqueness in everything. Embracing diversity and talent in one another brings the full circle of connectedness, interdependence, and collective intelligence. The multidisciplinary, team-based approach taps into the collective genius of innovators who can think and do things differently to generate novel ideas and implement them effectively. What one cannot do another can. We discover our genius factors, we appreciate all good, beauty, and harmonized things at an intellectual and influential level.

Niche expertise with unique strength: We have the strength within, be self-aware. Being able to see our strengths and weaknesses without self-judgment is possible and it’s a healthy mentality. Strengthening our strength and improving our weakness is a unique path we each need to take to build our core competencies and niche expertise. There are times when we do not realize we are so powerful until we get hit by an outside incident to bring it up. We never know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have and begin appreciating our own inner qualities. Or proactively, we create a situation for ourselves that tests us, we create it for the exact purpose of looking within to acknowledge the truth of who we are. Self-awareness, self-discovery, self-development, and self-renewal with the right amount of resourcefulness and self discipline is a healthy cycle for us to become the better version of ourselves and take a progressive journey for making continuous improvement.

Top talented people today have well-blended hard and soft skills, niche experience and core competencies. Knowledge by itself is nothing if you do not understand how to apply it and make it useful. Nowadays, to break down stereotypical biases or any types of career ceilings, unique strengths, continuous deliveries, and dynamic digital footprint become the very significant part of “who you are.” Knowledge workers, especially high professionals in the digital era should learn, build their strength and practice their expert power consistently. Learning is the process of ever deepening and widening the appreciation of the challenges of achievement, of the complex thinking-acting cycle involved in digestion, healing, senses, thoughts, movement, interactions. People who have core competencies and unique strengths are often lifetime learners themselves, who continue learning and relearning relevant knowledge to renew their expert power and practice it intelligently.

Unique talent is not just the one who can perfectly follow the rules or absorb available knowledge only. To be truly unique, it's important to challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom, and outdated beliefs with strong discernment. Top leaders or professionals today need to change outdated rules or co-create new rules to make collective progress based on their advanced mindsets, fresh insight, genius factors, proficient knowledge, and niche skill sets.


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