Monday, December 28, 2020


Either individually or collectively, discovering the hidden gems inside you is to discover who you are, the genuine self, and ensure that your voices and actions are in synchronization by combined thoughts, actions, endurance, and with the right spirit.

With silo setting and knowledge scarcity in the Industrial Age, either individuals or businesses often become so preoccupied with bottom line performance that they lose sight of the human factors that account for it. They didn't pay enough attention to build core competencies and unleash human potential for the long run. Now we step into the knowledge economy and move into the digital era with exponential growth of information and creativity as the most desirable professional quality. 

Unlike the closed mechanic system, digital organizations spontaneously self-organizes, generates patterns, structures, business activities, and above all, creates novelty over time. Digital professionals consciously discover their raw talent, nurture creativity, and strengthen their strengths. Thus, they need to take their unique path at their own pace to go digital. It is about discovering the new path to take the adventure for exploring the new possibilities, better ways to do things, refine those raw gems into the differentiated advantage.

Innate intelligence: All humans have their innate or raw intelligence, and all organizations today generate information which can be refined into their “built-in” smartness. We have some innate abilities to do certain things well. And such raw intelligence can be sharpened via continuous learning, to shape the differentiated capability for achieving goals. In fact, unleashing human potential is one of the greatest missions of modern society. In the business world, Metaphorically, Data is the crude oil of the 21st century to obtain information, information is the real asset and “raw intelligence” of the organization because it's consolidated, consistent and reliable to extract the business insight about customers, operation and future trend of business. Data is an asset so as long as it stays accurate, consistent, and reliable. Amassed data also like the forest is a resource and can be processed into information (wood) or crafted further to knowledge (goods).

With ever shortening turn-around time for product development, the only advantage you really have is the information at your disposal. Any information you can leverage from your data has the potential to be a productive asset as intelligence or operative material. So you need the right tools to make sense of raw data, to derive actionable information and business intelligence for improving business manageability. Information is raw material when you manipulate the raw material in meaningful ways that give you business insight to interpret and utilize, then you have established a value. Information will be the product of the future, your ability to produce information required in a manner will be the only product that your competitor cannot duplicate.

Innate strength:
The hyper-connective nature of digitalization offers particularly fertile ground for developing dynamic and recombinant digital capabilities cross-industrial ecosystems. Individuals or organizations need to discover their “innate strength,” make an objective assessment of their capability maturity by asking: Is this capability valuable? Is this capability rare? Is this capability costly to imitate? Is this capability non-substitutable? Etc. So, the trick is to know what your strengths, either at the individual or team/organizational level, are realized or unrealized, like digging into the underground to discover hidden gems, and then polished them, strengthening your strength to build your unique set of capabilities.

Build unique business strength via a good alignment of reliable information, rigorous processes, flexible structures, efficient technologies, and talented people, etc. Do capability mapping, understand relationship/dependency between different capabilities, and make an objective assessment of their capability maturity. In practice, leveraging the unique strength and building core competencies for adapting to the unpredictable and riding above the learning curve is critical to achieving high performance. When organizations implement a capability-based strategy, they significantly improve the success rate to achieve the higher-than-expected business results.

Innate motivation: Motivation is often innate, and it is different for each one according to cognition, personality, and circumstances. Motivation is not necessarily learned, whether motivating oneself or others. It is a combination of several emotions that describes the trajectory of behavior. As such, motivation can be understood and influenced using behavioral principles. When motivating people via good communication, people can then become motivated by the conversation through listening and asking questions through the engagement process and empathetic communication. They will be delighted to do the work because they have been listened to and understand why they are doing it, they are more engaged in the work and bring up the high-performance result.

From a business management perspective, motivation is the additional urge to get something done. Effective motivation is the "cognitive momentum" that comes from consistently applying the habits congruent with the achievement of well defined goals. It’s important to develop the process of a corporate pulse that identifies where the pulse/passion/motivation/commitment of the organization lies, and who embodies it. A motivational leader is a means toward reconciling all the different factors toward a unifying and driving motivation. The greater the excess of resources and diversity; the greater the need for team structures and the greater the need to keep them motivated. The purpose is the greatest motivator; a deep desire to make businesses prosperous and the world a better place and fueled by a sense of gratitude and responsibility that compels you to stay committed.

We are in a time of tremendous change, the dawn of digital age, the path to the next level of professional or business maturity. Either individually or collectively, discovering the hidden gems inside you is to discover who you are, the genuine self, and ensure that your voices and actions are in synchronization by combined thoughts, actions, endurance, and with the right spirit. Different people or organizations have different strengths, capacities, and capabilities; only if we see 'human or business potential' really show itself, via the progressive lens, with the power to make the impossible possible. Building the bridge between today and the future requires vision to perceive the future, enthusiasm to take initiatives, planning to prioritize, capabilities to execute, and motivation to get the work done smoothly.


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