Thursday, December 31, 2020

Imagining & Inventing...

The New Year ball is almost dropping. Predict what will happen and step further- control what you should do upon it; and make positive influence upon what you would like to bring to the table.

It’s the end of year, it's almost the beginning of the New Year; it’s also the time to ponder deeper about digital paradigm shift. When jumping into the digital future of “VUCA” new normal –Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, the worldview via tunnel lens is inconsistent with today’s hyper-connected, over-complex and interdependent society, as it does not reflect the interrelatedness we observe in the world now.

 It’s time to predict where the future will be, identify core competencies, light up the context of future trends and the business cycle, prioritize and practice the better ways of making a leapfrog of digital transformation.

The pace of paradigm shifts is quickening: The digital landscape has many dimensions technically, ecologically, philosophically, or psychologically, etc and the digital ecosystem is a hyper-connected and continuously converging environment that provides structural analysis and a certain extent of serendipity with increasing pace of change. You have to look into an unknown future and attempt to define the landscape with its opportunities and risks. When a new stage emerges in the progression of society and advance of technology, the continued use of the old paradigm creates ever-increasing problems. So people have to frame a new mindset, learn to use the new lens of the new era, acquire new thinking, knowing, and doing based on the new worldview. Individually, it’s critical to become learning agile and more innovative; collectively, organizations need to align their business reality with digital strategy, develop the future perspective, bring people together in a common and committed effort, and move people, organizations, and our society in the right direction.

The idea of digital paradigm shifting, starts from mind shift. It takes a lot of energy to break habits and outdated thought processes, but the pace of paradigm shifts is quickening, change is happening with accelerated speed, so the mindshift also needs to be expedited. Business leaders and professionals with systematic foresight have a future orientation that makes them more prone to shape a holistic view, overcome barriers and handle adversities, and explore possibilities of breakthrough change. Increasingly, we should see value in being mindful of, of surfacing the paradigm in question, of "we're here to engage in a structured digital transformation.”

The pace of adaptations to digital new normal is quickening, aggregating to bigger paradigm shifts in scales quicker than previously: Digital professionals become well developed when they can think multidimensionally and solve problems interdisciplinarily. Collaboratively, organizations today are nonlinear systems that keep evolving and arise when the scale of the interrelations, interactions, or inter-relational interactions surpasses the individual’s capacity to be able to do whatever it does with smaller scales. To scale up, find the leverage point to make a big impact. Organizations must begin thinking about ways with strategic planning to broaden their ecosystems and revenue streams which become highly responsive and flexible. In fact, the pace of adaptations to digital new normal is quickening. Some corrections require more drastic paradigm shifts with corresponding economic impacts and predictable ecosystem challenges.

Every journey is built through accumulated steps. Humans are vehicles of natural and cultural evolution. Consider the digital organization as the self-organized but interlaced and hyper-connected ecosystem, and self-adaptation is a phenomenon strictly linked to see learning and knowledge increases if shared and consumed. So feedback - information gained from experience that can improve future performance is welcomed. Leadership is the system wrapped in a culture of openness and emergence. It expects everyone to display leadership and hands-on responsibility for learning to be the learner, foster a learning-doing continuum, and amplify collective capabilities to achieve more values for the organization.

Foresight is an ongoing conversation:
Revisit vision, test and always broaden involvement. The high mature digital organizations are highly conscious about what’s happening in their environment, with the ability to adapt to change timely, grasp opportunities, and prevent risks effectively. Transformative changes are not random efforts but take structural planning and continuous conversations. The organization needs to awaken the ecosystem consciousness, start thinking about ways for adapting to their ecosystems and create new revenue streams while becoming highly responsive and innovative. The digital leaders equipped with open, intelligent, and growth mindset, play an important role in both envisioning and participating in digital dialogues for driving long-term business transformation and organizational development.

In practice, reimagining the future and reinventing the business to get digital ready is an evolutionary journey with ups and downs, promises and perils on the way. The practice that is “best” today is almost always not "best" in the future due to changing circumstances. So individuals need to gain the “incremental consciousness” about their own potentials, practice critical thinking and logical reasoning, initiate or participate in thought provoking communication to break down conventional wisdom, manage the emotional cycle behind change and keep discovering and developing their strengths. Businesses must match the vision and tailor their own need to develop a set of next practices to scale up by adding the right ingredients and going digital internally and culturally.

The New Year ball is almost dropping. Predict what will happen and step further- control what you should do upon it; and make positive influence upon what you would like to bring to the table. Reinventing the future takes both vision and strategy; it’s about setting out goals and working at them in a systematic way for proactively disrupting outdated mindsets, processes, technologies, or cultures, etc. The new year opens the new chapter of digital transformation which isn’t just an extension of continuous improvement of the current business but a quantum leap with accelerated speed on a grand level to achieve collective progress and societal advancement.