Saturday, December 19, 2020

Intuition is the “Gut-feeling Thing” (I)

Intuition is-

a sort of -


the underpinning of -


and a reflex expression of-


If mind guides us-

how to think;

gut encourages us-

how to act...

Intuition is -

an implicit cognition;

an ability to -

have direct perception,

or quick insight.

Like the inner compass,

intuition gives us direction.

Intuition is-

not just about-

hoping, relaxing,

or going numb;

it's about proactively-

opening ourselves.

The more consciously-

we grow,

the more aligned,

we become-

with our intuition.

If life is a puzzle,

intuition works when-

there isn’t an exact answer to-

the puzzle because-

We don’t have-

all the pieces.


only ourselves can -

figure out-

the hidden clue by-

evolving our gut…

Listen to -

the inner calling.

It requires-

a lot of courage.

We need to be provoked to-

make our intuition work.


it is-

a thought-provoking question,

other times,

It is a triggered event.

Intuition is-

our “secret source,”

to taste life uniquely-

via making certain choices,

or fast decisions.

Intuition is-

the “gut feeling” thing.


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