Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Who are your Innovative Culturist

What a Change Agent most often does is to harness the skills, talent, drive, passion and enthusiasm for the whole organization and direct that to a unifying and shared goal for reaching the next level of business transformation.

Businesses are like the switches connecting to the ever-expanding and dynamic digital ecosystem. Culture is collective mindset, attitude, and behavior. In today's work environment, it takes a lot of energy to break old habits and outdated thought processes, rejuvenate the workplace, innovative culture and drive digital transformation. Innovative culturists are in demand to assist in designing and reshaping cultures, resolving conflicts, and pulling the right strings to make changes go smoothly and inspire people to achieve high performance.

Shape the problem-solving culture: Information is permeating to every corner of the organization and technology is the disruptive force of many transformative changes. Technically, running today’s complex business means you need to solve large and small business problems systematically. Therefore, business leaders and professionals must proactively participate in their vision, shape a problem-solving culture and build differentiated competencies. They need to become problem framer as in many companies that get stuck at the low level of business maturity, people continue to fix symptoms while the real problems keep coming back. A solution is useless if the problem is not perceived and the root cause is not scrutinized in the right way.

In practice, business leaders need to have digital acumen, cross disciplinary expertise, develop a desired culture and shape the future of organization via integrating hard business elements such as people, process, technology, and soft elements such as leadership, communication seamlessly. They need to become far, far more business focused and digital literate in order to be the digital shaper who can create the business synergy and accelerate performance.

Shape the future of the work: The spirit comes from the top, the digital leaders are the big shaper of organizational culture by setting principles or guidelines, grounding rules, and making policies to shape the future or work. The followers imitate their leaders. If they espouse and exhibit certain characteristics, and then it will be picked up by other members of the organization. So collaboratively, top leaders focus on solving problems at strategic level and middle management and front liners solve problems at the tactical level.

To maintain a positive environment, a set of guiding principles can be written on a page. It will be supported by the bulk of employees in defining the boundaries they also wish to maintain. Good policies encourage a positive culture, empower talent, nurture creativity and shape the future of the work to enforce trust and respect that cascades from the top to the bottom, develop the people-centric working environment, and unleash collective business potential to solve problems consistently.

Shape a hyper-connected digital ecosystem: The emerging business world upon us is about hyperconnectivity and interdependence. There is an intimate interplay spectrum across the living digital system out there. Leading organizations are proactively planning, evolving, and co-creating in the dynamic business ecosystem, business leaders and professionals as a culture shaper treat customers, channel partners, suppliers, and industry ecosystem participants as active agents, to develop a culture of creativity and build a people centric business.

In leading companies, the ecosystem perspective as the digital shaper allows the organization to explore innovation in all directions; the technical structure expands to include all aspects of digital management disciplines; grow the company as a living thing, and perceive the business through multidimensional lens technologically, sociologically, psychologically, and anthropologically; for those lagging organizations, the ecosystems have evolved without much attention or planning. The real challenge is to understand the dynamic business reality, where and how you can and should improve to get the biggest effect and scale up across the digital ecosystem effortlessly.

Culture is invisible and powerful, change is happening at a more rapid pace. You cannot steer the business in a right direction without a clear vision and you cannot shape a high performance culture without passion and motivation. What a Change Agent most often does is to harness the skills, talent, drive, passion and enthusiasm for the whole organization and direct that to a unifying and shared goal for reaching the next level of business transformation.


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