Thursday, December 27, 2018

Anticipation and Innovation

Digital power is the combination of the power of information, knowledge and technology, the power of the crowd, and the power of creativity. 

Digital is the age of people and innovation. An essential aspect of creativity, both at the individual or group level, is the ability to challenge assumptions, conclusions, and beliefs, to discover the new path, and experiment the better way to do things. Innovation is change, the human element of change entails a people-centric approach to management style. Thus, empowering the workforce to embrace and anticipate change is a most effective, efficient and result-oriented management in organizations.

Real-time sharing and anticipation: The emerging digital era means flow - information flow, idea flow, mind flow, and it has its own dynamic which is a state of constant flux. The future of the organization is fluid, flexible, informative and autonomous. Real-time sharing and anticipation, transparency, active listening, and two-way trust are crucial ingredients in building a creative team and run a highly innovative organization. The emerging digital technologies and collaboration tools provide a flexible way to learn, share and collaborate. The collective creativity based on proactive participation in the digital organization is not just a sum of creative pieces; but a meaningful achievement for problem-solving, continuous improvement or breakthrough innovation. A high-responsive digital organization should lead the way to lift one foot and shift the organizational structure more into participative models that better support the quantum leap in speed we are experiencing. A digital organization builds up a momentum that draws creative contributions from the participants that they did not previously conceive or understood they were capable of. It’s about people brainstorming together to reinvent a highly innovative business through collective creativity and effort.

 A digital workplace inspires creativity, discovery, autonomy, and mastery: The culture of innovation starts with a culture of participation because employee engagement in the innovation process increases participation. In an ideal digital working environment, self-motivated leaders, teams, and employees have the passion for making things happen, catalyze innovation, streamline business transformation scenario, build on the organizational knowledge and respond to rapidly changing conditions effortlessly. It’s about rejuvenating a “culture of innovation" which incorporates multiple and diverse components. Cross-functional communication and collaboration are encouraged to flex the overly rigid business hierarchy and enforce the culture of innovation. The digital workplace will be shaped by changes that take place in the way people relate to themselves and to their experience of their environment and others around them, their voice can be amplified through social platforms, and their contribution can be recognized via holistic digital management.

Reward people to participate and try new actions: The digital organization of the future is designed openly for anyone with ideas on how human organizations ought to be contrived in the face of challenges and strategic imperatives of the 21st century. In reality, though, the organizational structures and relationships with and between employees were designed for a very different age, so it’s the time to reimagining digital workforce and workplace by leveraging the powerful digital technologies and optimizing business processes. Don’t make the rules or structure overly restrictive, and leave the room for management innovation, to strike the right balance between orders (structure) and "chaos (sparking innovation), between "old ways" and new ways to do things, in order to improve employee engagement. Surely to innovate, risk-taking should be supported - morally at least. The failures should not be rewarded, but they should be understood and not penalized. More precisely, the logic for building an innovative culture is that you reward people for trying new actions and doubly reward them for successes. If you punish failure, you shut down innovation immediately.

Digital power is the combination of the power of information, knowledge and technology, the power of the crowd, and the power of creativity. Forward-looking organizations are tapping the power of collective wisdom to reimagine the “art of possible” and reach the next level of business maturity.


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