Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Monthly “Unpuzzling Innovation” Book Tuning: Harnessing and Amplifying Innovation Effect Dec. 2018

Innovation is what leads to differentiation. 

Digital is the age of innovation. Innovation is what leads to differentiation. There are many ways to differentiate and, therefore, there are many ways to pursue innovation. Digital Master refers to those high-performing, highly innovative and high-mature (less than 15%) digital organizations; at the individual level, Digital Masters are those cross-generational digital professionals who are equipped with the advanced digital minds and build a unique set of digital capabilities. Talking about innovation is not new nowadays, everybody, every organization now is talking about innovation. It's been at or near the top of the business or economics agenda for a long time. However, there are a lot of confusions about innovation and there is no magic sauce to guarantee its success. Innovation is not serendipity, but a discipline.


           Harnessing and Amplifying Innovation Effect

Three Insight of Digital Innovation? The digital era upon us is the age of innovation. The unprecedented digital convenience brought by the abundance of information and powerful technologies changes the way we think, live, and work. From a business management perspective, innovation - the practical application of creativity is essentially about problem-solving at various levels, and to solve a problem implies a wish to make something, or everything better. Innovation is the managed process which can be classified scientifically and managed dynamically. Here are three insights into digital innovation.

Develop a Learning Organization and Build Breakthrough Innovation Competency With increasing pace of changes and cutting throat competitions, to effectively respond to the digital dynamics, companies must begin thinking about ways to build their innovation competency, broaden their ecosystems and revenue streams. In reality, the true innovation always spurs certain disruptions otherwise it is not innovation. Nowadays innovation can occur anywhere in the organization, and frankly, it has to occur in every aspect of the organization, information is the most time-intensive piece of digital innovation. How can companies develop a learning organization and take a structural way to manage innovation, especially breakthrough innovations which are disruptive and will change your organizations in many fields? You need new technology, new processes, new knowledge, maybe a new business model. All that makes them very risky but on the other hand, you will get very great chances and opportunities for achieving leapfrog results.

Harnessing Innovation by Practicing Open Leadership Styles Innovation is more than designing new products or services, it is about establishing and nurturing a way of thinking where innovation is in every aspect of the business. The art of innovation is that it involves new ways of bringing together ideas and resources to create something novel. The science of innovation is to take a structural approach to manage innovation. It requires collaboration, openness, sharing, and joyful teamwork. This is radically different from the command-and-control style of management. Digital leaders today can harness innovation by practicing open leadership styles and improve innovation management effectiveness.

The Amplification of Innovation Effect? The definition of innovation is simple - to gain benefit by doing something different. Innovation has to result in something which leads us to a better state than where we are today. Digital innovation has a broader scope with a full-color spectrum. In the hyperconnected and interdependent digital ecosystem, innovation can happen anywhere, anytime, it expands both horizontally and vertically. How to amplify innovation effect to benefit the widest audience of the digital ecosystem though?

Does Trust Harness Creativity and Innovation? There is a full cycle of emotions behind innovation. Trust is one of the positive emotions to harness creativity and innovation. Trust is a measure of the quality of a relationship between people, groups, or between people and an organization; and trust is a two-way street. Trust is multidimensional. It encompasses trusting self, trusting others, and earning the trust of others.

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