Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Creativity and Anthropology

Everything has layers, anthropological mind helps us look at things from a multiplicity.

Anthropology provides a holistic perspective of digging into the dynamic human interrelationship. Anthropology helps people understand and enliven the varied social contexts and cultural scenarios in a better way. Anthropology presents every aspect of human life and elucidates the cultural traits, complexes, and motive of specific human behavioral aspect. Anthropology helps us connect the wider dots to spark creativity, and creativity will add enriched content and unconventional wisdom to anthropology as the knowledge domain, they mutually enforce each other.

Seeing things from anthropological lenses can make people more open to new ideas: Anthropology can help to discover our place in the world as regards our culture, world conception, style of life, mythology and the common points among societies. Human culture hasn't existed that long, and our recent modern culture is of short duration compared to all human culture. Thus, it evokes greater self-awareness, increasing creativity flow, explore new perspectives and the pleasure of knowing we are all wonderfully unique. People with anthropological perspective are able to experiment with different ways of doing the same things and more tolerant of cultures and customs other than one’s own. Thinking through anthropological dimension questions one’s assumptions, which tend to oversimplify about other cultures and individuals, past and present. The digital workforce is multigenerational, multicultural, and multidevicing. By applying anthropological disciplines, people can learn how to work together with harmony and connect the wider dots to spark creativity.

Think through the anthropological dimension means to wonder everything relating human beings: Anthropology has radically enhanced the way to discover life with curiosity and more patience. Anthropology helps to open one’s eyes and discover the amazing and fascinating things that human beings have done. It can give you a positive outlook on the world and the idea that human beings are really amazing creatures. The most important thing is one should have the curiosity to know and should have the behavior to understand and to learn how. From the digital business development perspective, it’s about creating the people-centric business harmony; creating the business context where people can communicate and collaborate; they are empowered, respected, and encouraged to release their creative energy. Innovation will happen when people are given free space to be creative without overly rigid structures to hold them back. The highly innovative teams are composed of people who can generate lots of original ideas, as well as people who can evaluate and implement these ideas! From the anthropological perspective, the deep problem that reveals at the societal level is to understand what are the evolutionary pathways implied by those mind switches and how we can leverage different thought processes to stimulate novel ideas and solve complex problems creatively.

Anthropology helps us gain empathy which enforces design thinking and creativity: The anthropological mind can help us shift the thinking to a variety of perspectives and enables people to navigate a variety of cross-cultural situations and has greatly helped in developing tailored products and solution. You can always listen and deepen understanding by imagining what it could feel like, and acknowledging the variety of experience, especially when it is much different than your own. Design-driven empathy will dig beneath articulated 'solutions' to recognize underlying needs and wants, weave the architecture of empathy for self, others and nature into a vibrant and compassionate whole, to enforce creativity. An anthropological mind opens one’s eyes to a spectrum of things with so many different shades and colors of the same world; expand one’s vision of society, cultural diversity, and human potential, to achieve the art of possible.

Everything has layers, anthropological mind helps us look at things from a multiplicity. Fundamentally, it allows us to glimpse how interesting to be a human; as an individual, or as a social entity; professionally, it broadens our vision to see the possibility with a variety of perspectives, also holistically. That’s the value to equip such an anthropological mindset to spark creativity. The world has become much more complex and smaller all at once. I am just as much an "other" as everyone else and, therefore, we are all in this together, to learn from each other, to connect the wider dots for sparking creativity.


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