Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Weekly Insight of the “Future of CIO” 12/21/018

Blogging is not about writing, but about thinking, brainstorming, innovating and sharing.

The “Future of CIO” Blog has reached 2.8 million page views with 5200+ blog posting in 59+ different categories of leadership, management, strategy, digitalization, change/talent, etc. The “Digital Master” book series includes 25 books to share insight from the multidimensional digital lens and perceive the multi-faceted impact the digital era upon us is making to the businesses and society. The content richness is not for its own sake, but to convey the vision and share the wisdom. Here is the weekly insight of digital leadership, IT Management, and Talent Management.

Reinventing IT by Developing a Digital Framework for all Structural Components At today’s information-driven business dynamic, IT continues to grow in importance to organizations, both operationally and as a competitive advantage. However, many traditional IT organizations are still perceived as the cost center and support desk. To break the mold, IT needs to rethink itself as an innovative and business leading organization. From an IT management perspective, an effective CIO’s job is to leverage systems view for an understanding of the variety of business relationship, organizational functions, and processes. IT is the linchpin of running a digital organization. The multidisciplinary IT management includes many important components such as strategic and tactical planning, Systems Engineering, concurrent engineering, design, quality engineering, portfolio management and optimization, systems ecology, etc. IT is a mixed bag of science and art disciplines, how to reinvent IT by developing a digital framework for all structural components and manage them systematically?

Practicing Meticulous Leadership at the Board Level Now, we are slowly but steadily moving into the digital economy with an abundance of knowledge and continuous disruptions. Digital board directors play the critical role in overseeing strategies and monitoring business performance. There is room for both microscopes and telescopes in the boardroom, match the thinking and oversight processes to the purpose, and practice meticulous leadership at the board level.

Five Forces of Digital Innovation The emergence of potential opportunities for exploring digitization is likely to follow a nonlinear pattern as the pervasiveness of an organization's digitization journey increases. Change at the digital age is coming at seemly a much faster pace, more potential disruptions, with a broader scope, scale, and impact on the business’s surviving and thriving. Winning the digital dynamic means engaging creative thinking, enforcing cross-functional collaborations, building unique business competencies such as innovation. Innovation is essentially an intentional novelty bringing sustainable benefit. Here are five forces of digital innovation.

Running a “Programmable” Future of Digital Organization Reimaging the future of business is exciting, but investigating the different path for unlocking business performance takes strategy, methodology, and practice. The multidimensional digital effects provide impressive advantages in term of the business speed, the abundance of information, and the quality of the digital workforce. The future of digital organization needs to be non-stop, instant-on, adaptable to change, open to new knowledge, informative and innovative. The future of the digital organization presents the programmable capability which enforces adaptability, exhibits the willingness and ability to learn and then applies those lessons to succeed in new situations and makes a leap of digital transformation.

The Monthly “100 Creativity Ingredients” Book Tuning: Develop Creative Competency Dec. 2018 All humans are born with raw creativity ability. Creativity has many dimensions, with multi-faceted truth and myth, manifold knowledge and multidimensional insight. Creativity is wings of our mind and the tempo of our heartbeat. Creativity is a constructive disruption, not so bad addiction, and a sensational phenomenon. The purpose of “100 Creativity Ingredients - Everyone’s Playbook to Unlock Creativity “is to classify, scrutinize, articulate, and share insight about one hundred special creativity ingredients, to paint the picture with them, to add colors on them, to embed the music into them, and to make the story via them, in order to unleash our collective creativity potential.

The Popular Quotes about Problem Solving in “Digital Master” Series 2018 "Digital Master” is the series of guidebooks (26+ books) to perceive the multifaceted impact digital is making to the business and our society, help forward-thinking organizations navigate through the digital journey in a systematic way, and avoid “rogue digital.” Here is the set of popular quotes about CIO leadership and digital IT.

Blogging is not about writing, but about thinking and innovating the new ideas; it’s not just about WHAT to say, but about WHY to say, and HOW to say it. It reflects the color and shade of your thought patterns, and it indicates the peaks and curves of your thinking waves. Unlike pure entertainment, quality and professional content takes time for digesting, contemplation and engaging, and therefore, it takes the time to attract the "hungry minds" and the "deep souls." It’s the journey to amplify diverse voices and deepen digital footprints, and it's the way to harness your innovative spirit.


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