Friday, December 14, 2018

The Monthly “Digitizing Boardroom” Book Tuning: The Dilemmas, Pitfalls, Gaps, and Barriers in Boardrooms Dec. 2018

Modern corporate boards play significant roles in guiding businesses in the right direction and achieve expected business results. Due to the “VUCA” characteristics -Complexity, Uncertainty, Ambiguity, and Velocity of the Digital Era, the directorship in any organization must have the agility to adapt to changes and build abilities to advise, inspire and motivate a group of people toward accomplishing shared visions and goals. Here are the multiple perspectives of digitizing boardroom.

      The Dilemmas, Pitfalls, Gaps, and Barriers in Boardrooms

The Digital Boardroom Dilemmas Corporate board as one of the most important top leadership teams plays a significant role in overseeing strategies, leading changes and driving digital transformation. The real boardroom dilemma is that driving the business forward is extremely difficult. That means looking into an unknown future and attempting to define the landscape with risks and opportunities. The digital directors today need to understand things and circumstance in a holistic way, ask themselves and others deep questions, to ensure they can deal with leadership dilemmas and handle digital new normal wisely.

Three Pitfalls in Boardroom The modern digital board has many responsibilities also gets a lot of frustration and hits many pitfalls on the digital transformation. Driving the business forward is extremely difficult. This means looking into an unknown future and attempting to define the landscape with its risks and opportunities, to steer the business in the right direction. Here are three pitfalls in digitizing the boardroom.

Three Digital Barriers Limit the Board’s Strategic Oversight Effectiveness Organizations across the sectors are steadily moving into the digital era with characteristics of hyperconnectivity and fierce competitions. There’s knowing unknown, there’s unknowing unknown. The corporate board as senior leadership team has to overcome many obstacles and numerous pitfalls in order to lead effectively. Here are three digital barriers might limit the board’s strategic oversight effectiveness.

What are the Barriers and Pitfalls to Build a High-Performance Board The contemporary corporate board plays a crucial role in overseeing business strategy and monitoring organizational performance. An effective board enables and directs management towards good outcomes, and ensure the business is on the right track to reach well-defined business goals. If the results are lacking, and then the board effectiveness must be questioned. More specifically, what are great inquiries which can help you deepen the understanding of the barriers and digging through the root cause of ineffectiveness, in order to build a high-performance and digital ready board?

Is your Board too Backward-looking Digital means the increasing speed of changes, the exponential growth of information, hyperconnectivity, and always-on business dynamic. How successful organizations can handle continuous digital disruptions depends on how capable the board and business management can lead effectively across the ever-changing environment and how fast people can adapt to changes. When change does not meet the shareholders' expectation, the boardroom will feel the pain. The BoDs need to make an objective assessment of their own performance, changeability, and maturity: Is the board too backward-looking, compliance-driven, or internal focus? And how to build the high-performance digital board with a clear vision to drive progressive change effortlessly?

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I like your thoughts and agree with you that quality and professional content takes time for digesting. Good read. Thanks.

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