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The New Book “100 IT Charm” Introduction: Chapter II IT as an Information Broker

The information does not live alone but permeates to everywhere in the businesses; information potential directly impacts the business potential of the organization. 

Nowadays information is the lifeblood of the organization, all forward-looking organizations declare they are in the information management business. IT needs to shift from “T” driven operation focus to “I” information, insight and innovation centered management. Slideshare Presentation

IT as an information value creator: Information is the lifeblood of the enterprise; but if not properly managed, it becomes at worst case liability and at the best case an underutilized asset. Information Management is the overall process of aligning the use of information through management practices. The intrinsic value of information management is to turn the most invaluable information and knowledge assets into corporately owned assets and improve decision effectiveness. The extrinsic value of information is about broadening varying perspectives, connecting wider dots in the digital business ecosystem to spark innovation, make an expansive impact on the economy, politics, culture, human behavior, and advance the knowledge-based economy. The epistemic value of information management is to develop the knowledge workforce and build a culture of learning and innovation.

IT as an insightful business partner: Although nowadays data is growing exponentially and technology is pervasive. The gaps between and knowledge and insight exist, even many believe they are enlarged because people or businesses evolve the digital transformation with varying speed. IT knows the business well and also has access to all sorts of data of the organization. What is needed to do is to develop a high-performing information analysis and management team to identify unknown opportunities for businesses or help the business analyze data and find out the root cause of some crucial business problems and solve them effectively. The logical scenario for running an insightful IT organization should first work to identify how information is associated with the business tangible, products and resources, and build acute sensing capabilities to generate business insight and foresight. The insightful IT can then earn commendable respect in respective business because it truly helps to run a highly intelligent and high-performance organization.

IT as Information Synchronizer: With the exponential growth of information and the increasing pace of changes, Information Management becomes the making and breaking point of digital transformation. Real-time information is important for responding to changes and improve organizational adaptability. Information synchronization is the process of establishing consistency among data from a source to the target data storage and vice versa as well as achieving the continuous harmonization of information over time. Ensuring data quality and establishing strong information governance are crucial steps in information synchronization. IT needs to really understand the strategic goals of the business and accelerate strategy management by synchronizing information and building the right bridge between IT and business.

The information does not live alone but permeates to everywhere in the businesses; information potential directly impacts the business potential of the organization. Information flow can further streamline idea flow and stimulate collective creativity, catalyze business growth and build organizational competency. Thus, information management is differentiated business competency and plays a crucial role in running a high-performance and high mature digital business.

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Introduction  Slideshare Presentation
Chapter 1 IT as a Business Driver
Chapter 2 IT as Information Broker
Chapter 3 Strategic IT
Chapter 4 Change Agent IT
Chapter 5 IT as the “Center of Possibility”
Chapter 6 People-Centric IT
Chapter 7 Competitive IT
Chapter 8 IT as a Problem-Solver
Chapter 9 High-Performance IT
Chapter 10 IT as Digital Accelerator
Conclusion Shape a High Mature IT Organization


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