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The New Book “100 IT Charm” Introduction Chapter IV: Change Agent IT

Sow more seeds for change. CIOs are accountable for the critical part of the business that is constantly changing and evolving.

With “VUCA” digital new normal, in forward-looking organizations, IT has become synonymous with change department. Change Mangement needs to be the mechanism embedded in the multitude of IT management in order to run IT as a change agent.

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IT as the change engine: Change is the vehicle. A “Change Agent” IT can orchestrate processes, tools, products or services that organizations use to affect the business transformation from strategy to deployment, from change assessment to measurement. The CIO as a change agent not only touches his/her own function but also needs to make an influence on the entire organization and the business ecosystem. IT is not only the super glue but also a powerful integrator to weave all important change elements seamlessly into change competency of the company. There are significant change deliverables that must be tied to all change progress as you go along so that the business can justify IT investment accordingly and reap the business results confidently. It takes strategic planning, methodology, and practices to make change happening and also sustain its effect to achieve the expected business results.

IT as digital trendsetter: In the digital era, there isn’t really much of an enterprise without the massive oceans of data that flows through the enterprise at any given split second. Businesses can harness the power of data to provide the emergent business trends with a fact-based vision of where to aim and how to get there through identifying the right information, validating and communicating it to the right people at the right time to capture business foresight and customer insight. The emergent technology tools and abundant information allow a company to move into a more advanced stage of digital explorement, help to set trends and models that work best to meeting the business goals. IT faces the unprecedented opportunity to refine its reputation as the trendsetter and change agent of the company. Foresight is an ongoing conversation. IT leaders should share their technological vision at the big table, advocate future trends and build IT as the digital transformer.

IT as a constructive disruptor: Information Technology catalyze today’s digital business, the IT organization has more and more to offer, also has a lot of obstacles to overcome. IT needs to become a “constructive disruptor,” break down some over-complicated organizational structures, redundant business processes, outdated rules or practices to reach the next level of digital maturity. Perhaps, IT should first disrupt itself, focus on the fastest speed available because that is where the main threat to competitiveness. IT should also keep optimizing business processes to ensure seamless IT-business integration. IT leaders will continue to be put on the front line to lead change, they need to understand how technology affects each area of the enterprise, they should become the confident change agent to lead digital transformation at the company level.

Sow more seeds for change. CIOs are accountable for the critical part of the business that is constantly changing and evolving. Change Mangement can become more successful with people at the core of change, the cause of changes and the purpose of change.

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