Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Monthly “Performance Master’ Book Tuning: The Principles and Practices to Achieve Stellar Performance June 2019

Enterprise performance management is about how organizations manage performance at both strategic and operational level to achieve the well-set business goals and objectives.

Corporate Performance Management is a management control from strategy to the shop floor. "If you can't measure, you can't manage," legendary management guru Peter Drucker once asserted. Managing performance means understanding results, setting metrics, fixing plans, and making decisions to ensure it happens. It takes multifaceted approaches from multidimensional perspectives to unlock digital performance and catalyze change.

   The Principles and Practices to Achieve Stellar Performance

Three Measurement Principles to Accelerate Stellar Business Performance Enterprise Performance management is a holistic management discipline involving development, enablement, and enhancement. One of the biggest pitfalls for performance measurement is about measuring the “part” with ignorance of the “whole.” Thus, outcome-based measurement practices are important to focus on the performance of the entire organization by taking a multidimensional approach to connect all important dots with multifaceted perspectives. In practice, the more meaningful and important the thing you want to assess, the harder it is to measure objectively. Here are three measurement principles to accelerate steller business performance.

Five Aspects to Unlock Digital Performance
Enterprise Performance Management is a multidisciplinary management discipline. It is critical because new competitive challenges and active market changes underscore the strategic imperative of managing performance more than ever. Enterprise performance management is about how organizations manage performance at both strategic and operational level to achieve the well-set business goals and objectives. Here are five aspects to unlock digital performance.

Running Digital IT as Business Performance and Productivity Booster Information & technology management is not for its own sake, but to deliver quality services and solutions that drive business growth and improve organizational maturity. Improving productivity and accelerating business performance are some noble business goals behind running a digital IT organization. This includes all aspects of the company, such as information management, logistics, application throughput, employee engagement, and overall health of the organization, etc. But more specifically, how to run digital IT as business productivity and performance booster?

Three “P” Factors in Achieving IT Performance Excellence Digital technologies are often the disruptive force for innovation and exponential growth of information is the lifeblood of the digital organizations today. However, many IT organizations still get stuck in the reactive mode, keep the lights on, take orders from business users only, put little emphasis on driving business change or innovation. If this is the case, IT leadership, strategy, and capability need to be well aligned, and "business sentiment" needs to get put into something more tangible, such as, how to increase business profitability, improve productivity, and optimize processes in order to move up to the next level of IT maturity. Here are three “P” factors in achieving IT performance excellence.

Three Growth Forces to Accelerate Digital Business Performance The digital organization is the dynamic business ecosystem with the two most basic systemic structures which are the balancing cycle and the growth cycle, and their emergent characteristics just happen to be balance and growth. Change is the new normal, and change can be an opportunity, but at the end of the day, it needs to be all about moving the business numbers upwards. Although we have to change with the "tide," companies that lead in digital transformation, are much more likely to have a top executive team who understands digital opportunities and threats and who can enforce the business growth forces for the strategy execution and accelerate digital business performance.

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