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The New Book “100 IT Charms” Conclusion: Shape High Mature IT Organization

IT needs to move up its maturity from functioning to firm to delight; from reactive to proactive; from command & control to empowerment and game-changing. 

Organizations across vertical sectors rely more and more on information technology, and IT needs will only expand. Thus, the CIO’s ability to build differentiated business capability is now greater than ever. How well an IT organization can adapt to the dynamic environment directly affects the future of the business. IT charm is based on its core competency and unique styles of influence to run a digital organization.

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Fitness: Different organizations perhaps set varying criteria to evaluate “digital fit.” Generally speaking, the term “fit” in the dynamic digital environment can be interpreted with a degree of variability. From the management perspective, digital fit means putting the right people with the fitting mindset and capabilities in the right position to solve the right problems at the right time. Where you want to look for “fit” is in relation to the values you want to build or maintain within the team and the kind of behaviors that you would expect to see as a result of or in alignment with those value. It’s critical to identify skill gaps and define the technical or functional competencies required, integrate change management, talent management, performance management, culture management into a holistic people management approach to make the digital workforce fit for the purpose and achieve strategic business goals.

Robustness: Digital organizations are robust and adaptive living systems which are comprised, in part of people, processes, and technologies. IT is one of the most sophisticated and time intensive pieces of puzzles to lead change and innovation. IT is also the linchpin to create an “integrated whole” by utilizing and optimizing business processes and fine-tuning organizational competencies. Because you cannot run a high mature and nimble digital business without “de-complexitizing” or “de-bureaucracy” and make transparent on what is being delivered and how or what is being delivered. It must break down the functional silos and take a structural approach to consolidate, modernize, integrate, automate, and optimize to improve organizational performance, robustness, fluidity, and maturity.

Innovativeness: To deal with rapid changes, fierce competitions, and move forward from information robustness to innovation excellence, do not focus on hierarchies but on openness, innovation and problem-solving. While individual contributions provide the “building blocks” of innovativeness; it’s collective consensus on what to do with them that is appealing. The dynamic digital ecosystem outlook helps the business connect the wider dots to innovate. Innovation leaders need to define a clear vision, diagnose problems, identify unknowns, stretch collective strength to bridge a multitude of gaps and focus on building the innovation competency of the business. Cross-pollinating ideas, collaborating and knowledge sharing are all necessities for keeping idea flow and spurring innovation.

IT needs to move up its maturity from functioning to firm to delight; from reactive to proactive; from command & control to empowerment and game-changing. IT management must get a feeler of the business view, experiment with new technologies as a business enabler and catalyzer for driving changes and building differentiated business competencies, amplifying digital effects systematically and chartering the digital paradigm shift seamlessly.

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Introduction  Slideshare Presentation
Chapter 1 IT as a Business Driver
Chapter 2 IT as Information Broker
Chapter 3 Strategic IT
Chapter 4 Change Agent IT
Chapter 5 IT as the “Center of Possibility”
Chapter 6 People-Centric IT
Chapter 7 Competitive IT
Chapter 8 IT as a Problem-Solver
Chapter 9 High-Performance IT
Chapter 10 IT as Digital Accelerator
Conclusion Shape a High Mature IT Organization


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