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The New Book “100 IT Charms” Quote Collection I

 The payoff of IT digital transformation is not just for the quick win, but for building the long-term business competency.

The purpose of the book “100 IT Charms: Running Versatile IT to get Digital Ready“ is to articulate different flavors of digital IT organizations and brainstorm the best and next practices for running highly innovative and high-performance IT. Digital charm is not based on the style presented on the surface but on a set of unique competencies to make IT shine through as a business differentiator.

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1 Modern IT has many faces. Understanding the element of art in digital IT is the first step for achieving the art of possible.

2 Running a business-driven digital IT organization means that IT can demonstrate its performance not from IT lens, but from outside-in business and customers’ perspective.

3 Enterprise IT organizations are likely to be the winners on the whole if IT starts to plan and accelerate the digital transformation.

4 It’s not enough for IT only focus on the bottom line - keeping the lights on; it has to contribute more on business growth.

5 The payoff of IT digital transformation is not just for the quick win, but for building the long-term business competency.

6 Highly effective IT management exists within a business to improve productivity, increase revenue, reduce costs, optimize business solutions, and accelerate business performance.

7 The role of digital IT is to identify and blend the ways that information and technology can assist and shape the future of business by linking all important business aspects and key ingredients.

8 Building a reciprocal digital IT organization is all about enforcing communication, enhancing collaboration, building trust, and bridging gaps.

9 Whatever and wherever the business needs are, IT should proactively solve the problems with setting priority right and recharge the business by catalyzing innovation.

10 The digital connectivity and IT consumerization bring both challenges and opportunities for IT to improve digital readiness and maturity.

11 IT “enlightenment” comes when IT is winning the heart, mind, and profit to improve the top line business growth.

12 Leading evolutionary changes and driving business growth are the never-ended journey.

13 Information by itself is meaningless until it’s interpreted and analyzed to capture insight and harness innovation.

14 Well-designed and relatively simplified information and knowledge management solutions bound to unlock enterprise knowledge and turn a downward spiral into an upward spiral.

15 It will be those companies that proactively invest in information management solutions today will be able to competitively leverage their own information going forward with accelerated speed.

16 Information Management is a core management discipline with knowledge as a focus involves the use of technologies and processes with the aim of optimizing the business value that is generated.

17 Digital organizations are information overlading and knowledge abundant; very few of them are truly running the digital-savvy and high-intellectual business.

18 The companies that are working to bridge the insight gap will be the most successful business going forward.

19 A digital organization with high cognition is like the nerve system of the business to the collective process, and update information.

20 The value of information management is never for its own sake, but to provide insight and catalyze information.

21 Compared to the physical asset, Information Management should be managed holistically as an invaluable corporate asset.

22 Running IT as information synchronizer enables business management making effective decisions and improving organizational fluidity and maturity.

23 Information/Knowledge management is differentiated business competency and plays a crucial role in running a high-performance business.

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Introduction  Slideshare Presentation
Chapter 1 IT as a Business Driver
Chapter 2 IT as Information Broker
Chapter 3 Strategic IT
Chapter 4 Change Agent IT
Chapter 5 IT as the “Center of Possibility”
Chapter 6 People-Centric IT
Chapter 7 Competitive IT
Chapter 8 IT as a Problem-Solver
Chapter 9 High-Performance IT
Chapter 10 IT as Digital Accelerator
Conclusion Shape a High Mature IT Organization


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