Sunday, December 29, 2019

Competence, Vision, Communication, and Enthusiasm in Shaping a Superior Digital Organization

Digital management is fundamentally an iterative cycle to design, prototype, build, scale, and optimize business competency and achieve the desired effect.
The unprecedented opportunities brought by digital information technologies and increasing speed of change can lift up a fast growing business promptly, also reinvent a well-established organization to reach the next level of business growth or organizational maturity.

There are many elements of digital competency that are foundational to an almost any foreseeable digital strategy to be implemented. Here are a couple of interwoven elements for running a superior digital organization.

Competence with a vision is a good thing: The vision thing is not just about the simply “seeing,” it is the perception about the future. Vision without competence is perhaps like the mirage which you simply cannot reach. Competence with a vision is a good thing for moving toward the future and rolling vision into a reality. High competitive business has two sets of competencies: the necessary competency to run the business as others do, as well as differentiated business competency to stand out as the industrial leader.

Historically, technology stimulates mankind's imagination, to make the impossible possible. The exponential growth of information brings new opportunities for companies to capture business insight or forecast customers’ demands. Thus, today’s digital leaders need to be dynamic with open, intelligent, and growth mindset, have high abilities to handle changes, enforce creative communication to suit varying situations so as to make things happen and develop organizational competencies.

Keep in mind, a well-established vision not only needs to be based on a realistic expectation, but also high enough that inspires people to excel and challenge the organization to thrive. The digital vision shouldn't be a fixed target, it needs to be stable enough to make it worthwhile for making a concerted effort to attain it and dynamic enough to be able to react to any change in business direction or context proactively.  It’s important to leverage unique knowledge and expertise to build business competency for the organizational long-term growth and maturity.

Competence, vision, and an ability to communicate is great: Vision keep people inspired, competence enables strategy implementation, but it is the communication as a threshold to connect minds and hearts, local and global, today and future frictionlessly. Digital dialogue is a means of coordination based on expertise and responsibility.

Change is expedited when people can understand what is communicated and are able to translate it into action or expertise. Miscommunication gaps decrease productivity, further cause mistrust and decelerate business speed. There are both hard communication barriers such as ambiguous or outdated processes, management procedure bottleneck, practices or soft obstacles such as leadership style, culture, or politics etc. To shorten the time cycle and save the cost of building business competency, it is critical to enforce cross-functional communication, develop dynamic business capabilities interwoven by all crucial organizational ingredients into differentiated business competency and shape a great digital organization.

Competence, vision, communication, and enthusiasm for the business are superior: Vision helps the business steer in the right direction, competence-based strategy has a much higher success rate, and communication keeps digital business flow and brings harmony, but it’s the passion to kindle the inner abilities of people and help them achieve more and drive progressive changes. 

Always have a passion for discovering new things, for probing in depth of the subject we are interested in. There are people who argue for their limitations, and there are people who cast aside their fetters to explore and make progress. Building the bridge between today and the future requires enthusiasm, belief, determination, hard capabilities, soft touches, and commit to a more responsive way of working in general. 

Enthusiasm aligned with vision, focus, capabilities and meaningful work is a destination for both individuals and businesses. It enables determination, creativity, strategy, and talent. From a leadership perspective, if a leader has a clear vision and is passionate about a certain goal, then, it has the potential to be contagious and spread throughout the team to achieve a well-defined vision. In fact, vision is crucial to sustaining passion. Enthusiasm following a good positive chain of thoughts followed by positive actions often brings good results and leapfrogs progress for shaping a superior digital business.

There is no magic formula or prescribed solution to digital transformation. Digital management is fundamentally an iterative cycle to design, prototype, build, scale, and optimize business competency and achieve the desired effect under specified performance standards and conditions through the combination of talent and resources, processes, and technologies to perform a set of activities and achieve high-performance business results and unlock collective potential.


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