Friday, December 20, 2019

The Monthly “100 Digital Pitfalls” Book Tuning: Change Management Pitfalls Dec. 2019

Change is inevitable, and the speed of change is increasing. How capable the business is handling change would directly impact on the long term business competency. 

Digital makes a significant impact on how we think, live, and work. There is a mix of old and new, physical and virtual, order and chaos. We are in a time of tremendous change, the dawn of the digital age, the path to the next level of digital maturity, also in the era of confusion and information overload. Therefore, it’s critical to identify, understand, and avoid pitfalls, discover strategic and predictive pathways to change, increase confidence, position a brand and leverage resources to make the digital paradigm shift effortlessly.

The purpose of “100 Digital Pitfalls: How to Overcome Pitfalls on the Path of Going Digital” is to throw some light on how to identify, understand, and overcome common pitfalls on the digital journey, dig underneath the surface, and take a holistic approach to integrate both hard and soft elements for improving the long-term organizational competency and reaching the high-level of business maturity. Slideshare Presentation

Change Management Pitfalls

The Pitfalls of Change Management Change is continuously happening and spiraling up in such a dynamic business environment, it is nevertheless true that change itself has become unpredictable and evolutionary. Change Management is no longer one time initiative, but an iterative business continuum.

Three Pitfalls in Change Management Organizations large or small are faced with more radical digital or management transformation now because the digital business ecosystem is still evolving. The digital dynamic continues to evolve with increasing speed of change and rapid integration of business across the globe. However, Change Management (the overarching term includes both transformation and change) has very high failure rate overall, what are key success factors in driving digital transformation? And which pitfalls on the way to keep business from championing transformational changes?

The New Book “Change Insight” Introduction Chapter 6 The Pitfalls in Change Management Change is inevitable, and the speed of change is increasing. How capable the business is handling change would directly impact on the long term business competency. In fact, there is a high failure rate of Change Management statistically, and more than two-thirds of business change efforts fail to achieve its expectations. So what are the big barriers and potential pitfalls on the way, and how to improve change success rate, as well as craft change as an ongoing digital capability?

"Change Insight" Book Tuning: Achilles’s Heel in Change Management Change is inevitable, and the speed of changes is exponentially increasing at today’s “VUCA” digital business new normal. Change also becomes fundamentally difficult in most organizations because it is treated as something distinct from running the business, evolving and increasing results over time. Leaders and employees are stressed enough in getting done what is right in front of them that change is layered upon becomes disruptive. The Change Management failure rate is stubbornly high in the last two decades - more than two-thirds of Change Management effort fails to achieve the expected result statistically. So how to improve leadership effectiveness and business agility via understanding Achilles' Heel in Change Management?

What are Common Change Pitfalls? Organizations today are more dynamic than ever, there are Big’C’ changes such as digital transformation, merging organizations with overlapping or duplicate functions, and little ‘c’changes such as implement a new software tool, reorganize a department, improving a new process to do things more efficiently. Big ‘C’ Change requires buy-in via digging through the ‘big why’ behind the change, sets success criteria and to hold managers accountable,; and little’c’ change needs to have a stepwise logic on ‘how’ to make change more efficiently. Still, more than two-thirds of business Change Management effort fail to achieve the expectations, what are the pitfalls on the way?
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