Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Monthly “Problem-Solving Master” Book Tuning: Key Ingredients in Problem-Solving Dec. 2019

In today’s complex business setting, problem-solving usually has a very wide scope and takes the interdisciplinary approach.

The purpose of Problem-Solving Master - Frame Problems Systematically and Solve Problems Creatively“ is to throw some light on how to understand, frame, and solve today’s multilayer, interdependent, and over-complex business problems effortlessly. Digital leaders and professionals should self-aware of their role in problems, show professional maturity, and develop a good reputation as the problem-solver.


 Key Ingredients in Problem-Solving 

Three Critical Ingredients in Systematic “Problem-Solving” Formula Fundamentally, running a business is an iterative business problem-solving continuum. Behind every problem is a relationship dynamic out of alignment. In today’s complex business setting, problem-solving usually has a very wide scope and takes the interdisciplinary approach. People have to know how to connect the dots with the hyperconnected business ecosystem, think systematically, holistically and inclusively, comprehend dynamic; master induction or deduction; understand variables, interfaces, and interactions. Here are three critical ingredients in systematic “problem-solving” formula.

Five Elements (AISDE) in Digital Problem-Solving Framework? Running a business is fundamentally an iterative problem-solving continuum. Due to fast-paced change, the exponential growth of information and continuous digital disruptions, the problems facing business also turn to be over-complex and difficult to solve. You need to have deep insight, take a holistic approach to complex problem-solving and build a comprehensive framework for both defining the right problems and solving them effectively. Otherwise, the temporary fix will cause you to reconsider the problem statement soon after. Here, we introduce a comprehensive digital problem-solving framework with "AISDE" components.

Change, Creativity and Problem-Solving Change is not for its own sake, the very purpose of the change is often for problem-solving, progression, or innovation. From Change Management perspective, taking people through new experiences, exposing them to additional "information" through those experiences, developing their creativity, and doing that very purposefully will create the opportunity to shift attitudes, beliefs, mindsets that ultimately will cultivate their problem-solving capabilities.

The New Book “100 Creativity Ingredients” Introduction Chapter 3 Knowledge and Capability Ingredients Creativity has just become indispensable. There is a philosophical connection between knowledge and creativity. Curiosity stimulates a need to gain knowledge, and knowledge is not just about the book knowledge, but intuitive knowledge and professional capability feed the imagination. At present days, we cannot separate knowledge and creativity if we want to stay competitive on the market. Innovation can happen everywhere; it is our gift as humans; a great deal of what defines us as humans, and creativity is one of the most needed professional capabilities in the digital age.

Apply System Thinking to Frame the Problems As businesses become over-complex and extremely uncertain, more often, framing the right questions to ask or defining the real problems to solve is more challenging than finding the answers or discovering the solutions. Does Systems Thinking change the way you 'define' problems?

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