Saturday, June 6, 2020

The “Convergent” Quotes of “Digital Master” June 2020

 During synthesis, while the team is analyzing the "problems," it will better go more convergent to really hone in on the "why."

"Digital Master” is a series of guidebooks (28 + books) to perceive the multi-faceted impact digital is making to the businesses and society, help forward-thinking organizations navigate through the journey in a systematic way, and avoid “rogue digital.”

 It perceives the emergent trends of digital leadership, provides advice on how to run a digital organization to unleash its full potential and improve agility, maturity, and provide insight about Change Management. It also instructs the digital workforce on how to shape a game-changing digital mindset and build the right set of digital capabilities to compete for the future. Here is a set of “Convergent” quotes in “Digital Master.

1 So in order to innovate, it is necessary to follow a process where divergent and convergent thinking is always present and where you can use different tools.

2 After the process of divergent thinking has been completed, information and ideas are organized and structured by leveraging convergent thinking.

3 During synthesis, while the team is analyzing the "problems," it will better go more convergent to really hone in on the "why."

4 Highly creative people can leverage multidimensional thought processes such as emergent, divergent, convergent, and generative, etc, to bridge the gap between vision and reality and create energy for fusing creativity.

5 It’s best to bring a group of people together with the cognitive difference such as different backgrounds, capabilities, strengths, etc. together in order to obtain such a way of divergent thinking for sparking innovation, convergent thinking for common understanding, and solving complex IT problems with flexibility.

6 Innovation is serendipitous but manageable; mysterious, but solvable; from divergent to convergent thinking, creativity can emerge from chaos to the order, and innovation becomes the light organizations can reach out.

7 Where many 'designers' utilize the funnel to parse ideas of the 'fuzzy-front-end,' from brainstorms, but by starting with convergent thinking, only funnels thoughts swirling into a muddy bucket of thought.

8 It takes a structural approach to strike the right balance of divergence and convergence, enhance the IT-business relationship, make business-IT alignment, collaboration, integration, optimization, and innovation.

9 To fine-tune “invisible” business elements for striking the right balance, learn to seek divergent views before developing a convergent conclusion; work to perceive issues from multiple points of view, identify trade-offs; make choices, while continually remaining open to discovering errors in one’s reasoning.


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