Friday, November 22, 2019

The Monthly Learning Summary: Enterprise Learning Framework and Scorecard Nov.2019

 Either individually or collectively, learning agility differentiates high potential from mediocre.

High organizational learning relates to high response in recognizing and addressing system constraints, adapt to the ever-changing environment. With the increasing pace of changes and the cutting-throat competitions, to effectively respond to the digital dynamics, either individually or collectively, continuous learning becomes an important skill for skill building and prerequisite of developing changeability.

           Enterprise Learning Framework and Scorecard 

Develop Organizational Learning Framework
The digital era upon us is about the abundance of information, rapid change, and shortened knowledge cycle. Either being a digital professional or running a digital organization, if you fail to be aware and climb the learning curve, you will get static and lag behind. Without learning, you cannot unleash collect human potential, and thus, the full digital potential of the business.

Tuning a Learning Organizational Structure To survive in the “VUCA” digital era, dynamism consists in being able to break away from being static, and becoming proactive to ever-evolving changes. The more difficult challenge is not just launching successful teams, but maintaining their motivation and focus, tuning an organizational structure and creating a dynamic environment in which learning is the new norm and happens the whole time. Unlike the closed mechanical system, the digital organization keeps growing, generates patterns, tunes organizational structure, initiates business activities, and above all, creates novelty and builds knowledge over time.

The Organizational Learning Scoreboard From the past to the future, people are always one of the most invaluable and expensive assets for running the business. They are not static, but human capital which needs to keep invested for the long term business growth. Either individually or collectively, learning agility differentiates high potential from mediocre; at the organizational level, learning agility directly impacts on the top line organizational growth and the strategic competency of the business. A learning scorecard assesses the enterprise learning progress to strategic goals, integrates a way of consolidating and comparing (for cause and effect purposes) metrics relating to a holistic assessment of enterprise learning maturity.

Minding The Resource & Investment Gap of Corporate Learning With the exponential growth of information and abundant knowledge, corporate learning is a differentiated business competency and culture shift. One of the main barriers to corporate learning is the business resource. For the long term business success, it is essential for the entire company to be pulling in the right direction, break down resource bottleneck, improve learning agility, and maximize the digital potential of their business.

Digital Workforce as Learning Master People are often the weakest link but one of the most critical success factors of the organization. Modern digital technologies bring unprecedented convenience for people to learn and collaborate, improve their productivity, learning agility, and innovativeness. Digital workforce is a technology savvy new breed and learning master.

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