Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Three Master Keys of Shaping a World Class Digital Organization

All ambitious businesses strive to unlock their business performance and unleash the full digital potential by enforcing hyper-diversity and global wide collaboration. 

Businesses across industrial sectors and global scope embark on the “digital era” of computing and managing by taking logical but iterative steps and developing the best and next practices. The digital organization is a complex and adaptive business system which is not just working within the industry, but also permeating cross-ecosystem which is dynamic, continuous, expansive, interdependent, hyper-connected, and interactive. Here are three master keys of shaping a world class digital organization.

World class leadership:
With the advent of digital platforms and collaboration tools, nearly any company can be global, which brings advanced technologies, significant business opportunities, fierce competition, diversified cultures and customs, and high risks. To shape a high mature world-class businesses, organizations not only need good managers to take care of today’s business; but also have to grow the world class leaders with a global mindset to help their companies achieve long-term prosperity.

A world-class leader with their finger on the pulse of technological advancement or information insight can provide many ideas on how new technology and abundant information can create fresh new opportunities, renovate business model for upcoming organizational expansion and build a reputable global brand. The world-class leadership gap can only be bridged by grooming historic digital leadership skills embodying effective communication in networks of global conversations that inspires creativity in diverse domains of expertise.

World-class digital leaders are able to gain the world-class insight which is based on the updated global view that looks at problems or issues in such a way that a solution emerges through a collaboratively interdisciplinary and multicultural approach involving global psychological capital, intellectual capital, and social capital. They are also excellent communicators who are business aware, digital savvy, global cognitive, and only finally, technically aware. They can facilitate and orchestrate the multitude of differences in global context, connect global dots, inspire and nurture the evolution of businesses. The world class digital leaders should have capabilities to deliver the vision for their business, industry, and even bigger ecosystem and build up the solid global leadership position and footprints.

World class innovation: Innovation is about how to transform novel ideas to achieve their commercial value. Innovation is the development of a new combination of available resources, in a way that solves problems of others in a more suitable way at the global scope.

From innovation management perspective, the best point of business view is to see innovation as a system, capable of delivering the organization-wide unique competency. The Innovation Management System includes policies, structures, and programs that innovation managers can use to drive world class innovations. Look at innovation from the perspective of developing business-wide innovation capabilities and world class leadership competency. Tie innovations and the innovative culture to the organization's strategy.

You apply digital innovation principles and vary the resource and tool mix by the ever changing environment, to make sure that your company has a steady flow of fresh ideas floating in across the geographical location and you have a methodological digital platform that allows you to manage them in a structural way. Get all these steps right, the digital leadership is doing fantastic work for developing a world-class organization with a strong culture of creativity and solid innovation competency.

World class performance: Enterprise performance management is about how organizations manage performance at both strategic and operational level to achieve the well-set business goals and objectives. The world class performance management is a must for shaping a world class digital organization. 

Performance management is not an isolated management discipline at the strategic level, Enterprise Performance Management is the integration of multiple methodologies to make better decisions and implement the strategy seamlessly.

 Mapping the employee’s performance to the overall business performance is also an important aspect of running a world class high-performance organization. The desired outcome is to assess the employee's contribution and ability at the different levels of the organizational hierarchy to fulfill tasks and objectives in line with the organizational goals. The management should first consider the desired outcome of the performance management process and scenario. The world class performance management should connect multidisciplinary management dots across the global scope to involve development, enablement, and enhancement, and tell the full story with the business context, and ensure the business as a whole is superior to the sum of pieces.

Companies don’t exist in silos but within systems, especially global businesses. All ambitious businesses strive to unlock their business performance and unleash their full digital potential by enforcing hyper-diversity and global wide collaboration. Being global and shaping a world-class digital organization is all about crossing not only geographical borders but also cultural divides between business, government, and social sectors to make a leap of business growth and improve the organizational maturity.


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