Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Strategic Communication in the Boardroom

Strategic and effective communication is like the thread to connect all important business gems, for building the trustful relationship and enforcing collaboration.

The corporate board is one of the most critical leadership pillars in contemporary organizations. At the board level, it is a matter of leadership guidance to make sound judgments and steer the organization in the right direction. Language influences perception. Communication, whether verbal, non-verbal or digital, is the coordination mechanism that makes business flowing. lubricates changes and practices leadership influence. Here are three insights of the corporate board’s strategic communication.

Strategic communication needs to be more creative and interactive at the board room: When communicating a strategy or organizational changes to a team, it is always important to explain the "why" behind your communication. The corporate board oversees the business strategy. Welcome strategy debate for challenging the business strategy. Most senior leaders prefer to rush their communication. “Don't waste time and money, and start executing." But what is more inefficient than a whole organization that attempts to execute a poorly understood strategy?

The BoDs play a critical role in challenging the strategy of business. The board leaders as the "outlier" can see around the corner and discover some “hidden problems” which are not always obvious. They don’t just accidentally find it, they structure the thinking process to discover the pattern. It's crucial to be more creative and interactive for strategic communication at the board room for building trustful relationship and enforcing governance disciplines. Not only does this help to evaluate the effectiveness of strategy, but can also give good ideas to improve it and provide further thoughts or constructive criticism to senior leadership for contemplation!

Abstraction enables an agreement: Either making communication, negotiation or presentation, senior leaders such as board directors should enforce communication to tailor audience via different styles. From abstraction to elaboration. Open your mind - listen (read) carefully, and expecting to find some new insight. At senior leadership level, as many times, abstraction enables an agreement.

With constant changes and unprecedented uncertainty, the challenge is to prioritize what you know about and keep an eye open for signs of things you don't know about. How to set the right priority depends on which of the business areas are most in need of improvement in the organization in question. To break down silos and catalyze changes, the strategic communication initiated by top digital leaders at the board level are not the top-down one-way street, it should embrace creativity, context, cascade, to enforce trust and accountability, streamline knowledge flow, and reach digital synchronization.

Information-based strategic communication: Quality boardroom communication ensures that information is concise and update in enabling decision-making and goal tracking. It is also important to develop an open atmosphere with effective and candid communication, fortify strategic communication based on information, expertise, and responsibility. 

Information-based strategic communication at the board level can harmonize business relationships and improve governance effectiveness, to ensure the good alignment of strategic goals, business investment, cultural evolution, performance management throughout the organization. Quality information-based boardroom communication also ensures that the organization can deliver the strategic goals as it can communicate timely to make the proper adjustment to evolve emergent events and adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

Either at the boardroom or the different layers of the business hierarchy, strategic and effective communication is like the thread to connect all important business gems, for building the trustful relationship, enforcing collaboration, and improve digital readiness.


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