Friday, November 29, 2019

The Multi-Stages of “Self Actualization” in the Digital Way

High performing and high potential digital leaders and professionals are sself-aware, elf-motivated, self-directed, self-disciplined, and self-renew. 

Maslow defined self-actualization to be "the desire for self-fulfillment and being all you can be, namely the tendency for the individual to become actualized in what he/she is potentially.

From the management perspective, digital leaders today should spend time on developing self and others, set a strong leadership tone in building a culture of learning to unleash the collective human potential. “With a tree, all the growth takes place at the growing tips. Humanity is exactly the same. Here are the multi-stages of “self actualization” in the digital way.

“All the growth takes place in the growing tip: among that one percent of the population. It's made up of pioneers, the beginners. That's where the action is.” - Abraham Maslow

Self awareness: In the world of self-awareness or self-change, there is always one clear issue: the issue of self - you. Awareness is at the level of the energetic connection between heart and mind. Knowing who you are or being self-aware, allows you to discover your strength, and become a better human being.

Keep in mind though, the strength is not equal to linear skills; it's a good combination of character, mindset, talent, knowledge and expertise. It's only on the inner journey that we truly understand why we do any of the things we do which lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves. From a team building perspective, self-awareness is about understanding your impact on others, the surroundings, and how to leverage your strength and build a team with complementary skills and experiences to unlock performance and maximize the collective potential.

Self-development, self-confidence: Self-development is the journey to strengthen your strength, improve your digital professionalism, unleash your potential or refine the high quality of being a better version of “you.” Concentrate your energy on developing your own strength and building your cohesive capabilities, not just putting eyes on your competitors.

Being self-confident means the right dose of ego to overcome fears and be courageous enough to take risks. Individuals with high potential are usually distinguished by their mastery of new roles quickly, learning more rapidly than their peers, highly innovative, taking initiatives proactively to keep recreating themselves. They think, create, and self-actualize by architecting themselves, experimenting with new things and exploring the art of possibility. In fact, self-development is the full cycle of self-actualization. It takes both attitude and aptitude.

Self-motivation, self-improvement: Self-motivation -the right attitude to learn and grow. You sense yourself and that's all you need to let your thoughts and behavior work to keep you motivated. Assessing a person’s motivational potential is how well he/she can adapt personal drive and focus on performing well in new and changing context via self-motivation.

Self-motivation and self-improvement help you set disciplines and directional opportunities for personal growth, helps to build on the strengths and improve on their weaknesses. It also allows you to leverage that knowledge to increase the influential outreach via self-actualization. Motivation is moving forward, taking actions.

Self-discipline: Self-discipline is nothing but self-consciousness. Self-disciplined people have better clarity of thoughts and, it’s what supports that moral courage and allows them to act in the right manner. The true self-discipline ought to be able to engage with any situation that one might encounter. It is about being balanced in thoughts and actions rather than getting the trap of polarity.

The mind with self-discipline should be consciously trained even to some flexibility so that they don't get disturbed too much when they are supposed to be out of that and they need to be flexible with others. People with self-discipline often exercise restraint while expressing emotions or may avoid indulgence because of better control over self via the clarity of thoughts, not because of any weakness. Without self discipline, you do not manage to transform negative habits and you cannot create a new state of awareness in which the self is nourished through the experience of positivity, make yourselves willing to progress and then take the steps necessary to unlock that self-actualization.

Self-adaptation and self -renewal: With rapid changes and continuous disruptions, either individually or collectively, self-adaptation is generally a requirement within digital business systems navigated by habit and the changeability to moving out of a comfort zone, complemented by the cycle of self-development and keep the movement on. That means how to live a creative and productive life by strengthening mental toughness and practicing creativity continually. 

From the business management perspective, to understand the business or the world as a complex adaptive system requires an understanding of how things have come together, being “built” at the intuitive level. How successfully the organization can handle digital disruption depends on how fast and capable they can adapt to changes. It is critical to develop time management and prioritization skills, do things matter, and keep self-adapting and self-renewing. Digital organizations are like the living systems that can self-renew in thriving in the “VUCA” digital dynamic.

High performing and high potential digital leaders and professionals are sself-aware, elf-motivated, self-directed, self-disciplined, and self-renew. It’s important to build a positive and creative working environment in which the talented employees can grow and innovate, unleash their full potential and the collective business potential to achieve the organizational prosperity for the long term.


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