Saturday, June 19, 2021

Idea World is”fun-place”

Keep “Idea Fountain” fresh and flowing; empower “Idea-People” to encircle their great imagination; and make “Idea-World” not just fun, but also stimulating to unlock our collective human potential.

The digital organization encourages “self-generated” engagement, creativity, debating, adapting and renewing. People are proactively listening, asking questions, giving and receiving feedback, dealing with conflict or constructively advocating a unique point of view. 

Nurturing creativity is a journey, with a connected world image, global consciousness, and cognitive intelligence, etc. “Idea-people '' are intellectually curious, “Idea-world” is a fun and progrressive place.

“Idea-Fountain” is unstoppable: Ideas are seeds of creativity that can change a certain situation and future. Creativity is a long term endeavor. It spurs certain disruption otherwise it is not exciting enough. The original germ of a creative idea is often, if not always arrived at through the interaction of ideas from different domains of thought and experience, or information flow without boundary. There is the rich context of information flow to trigger the re-connection of images of thoughts and ideas that spark new thoughts both to ourselves and others. Thoughts wrapping around the thoughts, experiences followed by experiences, shape new ideas and come up with fresh perspectives. The mantra of "there are no bad ideas" is often used as a catalyst to encourage a flow of ideas; getting crazy ideas isn't a problem; but how to filter, and put those ideas in usage and build them into something great is a story worth sharing.

Ideas are like water, keep flowing, idea management practices the tao of “The highest excellence is like (that of) water,” and ponder around: What can interact with these ideas? What parameters does the innovative idea have? How will it effectively use the power of stimulus to create meaningfully unique ideas? Who else is using such new ideas? Do we have an idea reservoir to keep them up and manage them effectively to unleash their potential? Can we classify the components or operations of ideas? How will it increase speed in the innovation process? How will it effectively leverage diversity to create meaningfully unique ideas? An unstoppable fountain of creativity creates excitement that propels good ideas to be formed, leading to competitive advantage, which stimulates the growth of revenue and profit.

“Idea-People” are outliers: To be truly creative means challenging norms, conventional wisdom and beliefs. It is likely that if you are creative, you will challenge the status quo as you push the parameters of the accepted norms of life. Often, “idea-people” are outliers with cognitive differences. They present creatively disruptive traits, disrupt old ways, and inspire better ways to do things by asking thought-provoking questions, understanding things from different angles, connecting unusual dots, and solving problems in different ways. Creative people can generate an enthusiasm for creative thinking and help others develop their own ideas as well. They are constantly looking for innovative, unique improvements even when things are going well; are able to work through the barriers and put ideas into place; and build on the ideas/insights of others to come up with “outside the box” solutions.

In reality though, “Idea-People” are not always popular; people don’t like creativity, due to fear of the otherness and of a challenge; people like to stay in the comfort zone, while idea-people drive them to get out of it. The idea of otherness is crucial in understanding why people seem to not like creative people and mistrust creativity. People feel threatened by others because the qualities and opinions of others challenge them. So being innovative is not the game to be popular, but a long term endeavor and thorny journey to push our world forward. The feeling of fighting on the front line is unique; all the innovators experience that especially when they fight for their ideas and succeed. Think of ways to include "outsiders" as "innovation-excitement participants. Spot innovators based on how they think, their intellectual curiosity, authenticity, and their unique ability to connect the dots. Innovators are often visionaries and pathfinders who can come with a foresight to envision a need that others overlook or ignore and a willingness to forge ahead to reach their vision by overcoming numerous obstacles.

"Idea-World is a Fun place!" People generally like creativity, but don't want ideas imposed upon them. The least effective culture at fostering a creative workplace is traditional command and control environments. In an ideal working environment, self-motivated leaders, teams, and employees have the passion for challenging themselves, advancing their thinking ability, making things happen, catalyzing creativity, and discovering innovative ways to do things. In the ever-expanded dynamic business ecosystem, establish a gallery of Ideas-in-Motion in a high-traffic area near the innovation hub by pulling power of people, process, and technology and enforcing creative communication and mass collaboration.

"Idea-World is a Fun place!" It's important to create or nurture an inclusive environment in which people will genuinely feel good, willingly get involved with commitment, and will demonstrate unimaginable contribution, and the working environment becomes healthier, happier, and creative. Even though people have different intentions, cognitive abilities, personality traits, working styles, an inclusive working environment can harness creative communication, stimulate creativity, explore new possibilities, tolerate calculated failure, and nurture innovation success as the value of inclusiveness lies in the contributions of the individual to the organization.

On the broader horizon, nurturing creativity is a journey, with a connected world image, global consciousness, and cognitive intelligence, etc. It's important to nurture a working environment that inspires new idea generation, adds salt and spices, and be able to profitably execute on those ideas. Keep “Idea Fountain” fresh and flowing; empower “Idea-People” to encircle their great imagination; and make “Idea-World” not just fun, but also stimulating to unlock our collective human potential.


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