Tuesday, June 8, 2021


By continuous understanding and instilling healthy psychology, we have a natural respect for all life and an innate understanding that every human being is valuable.

Psychology has developed more as a science with evidence based practice and a deeper understanding of biology, physiology, brain, and genetics. There are many different psychological theories, which make sense, since human beings are complex and our mind has “genius factors,” to invent, but also could be part of many problems we have in this world we all share together. 

One of the most influencing aspects of people’s psychology is how they perceive the world around and how they relate to it. You are what you think and experience, how to instill healthy psychology, focus on problem-solving and innovation?

Psychological analysis: The focus of psychology is the human mind - the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes: the cognitive abilities, emotional awareness, and perceptual realities, etc. Our mind is complex, thoughts piled with thoughts, to generate something fresh or shape our own perception of the world. There are those who think logically, and others are a lot more emotional in their decision-making; some focus on the bigger picture, others get stuck at details. There are positive and negative emotions behind changes or innovation. There is no “one size fits all” approach to address the different psychological responses and thereby reducing anxiety because there are different psychological perspectives and people are often at the different stage of psychological maturity.

To improve our psychological wellbeing, introspection is nothing but "self psychological analysis" - check our psychological healthiness. This is how we relate to how we view each part of the thought process, continue to optimize such processes and shape the better version of self. Only at the inner journey that we truly understand why we do any of the things we do which leads us to greater understanding of ourselves. As when we practices introspection, we can analyze what are the negative thoughts behind problems, and how can we sow positive thoughts to solve problems constructively. We are what we think, by practicing psychological analysis thoroughly, out of this comes a beautiful thing- the freedom of choice with clarity of thoughts, providing us directional opportunities for personal growth and helping us improve psychological fitness effectively.

Psychological balance: We are all the right mix of new and old, yin and yang, ego and egoless, perhaps right or wrong according to our own perceptive truth. Nowadays, we all face the increasing pace of changes, exponential growth of information or misinformation, and unprecedented complexity and uncertainty. Individually, there are both psychological curves and knowledge/skill/methodological curves for changes or developing professional competency. Thus, the proper psychological level of positive attitude, inner security, and genuine autonomy stimulate creativity. In fact, the state of psychological balance implies the right dose of ego - being both confident and humble, having the paradoxical intelligence to overcome extreme thinking, understanding and being understood, for building problem-solving competency.

Everyone needs to have some ego for a sense of self worth. But too much of everything is bad. You can be more or less egocentric; and you can only have a greater or lesser awareness of ego. Reduce that pendulum swing so that it doesn't sway too far from the center- balance. Many people resist changes or avoid problem-solving because of uncertainty, fear of taking them outside their comfort zone which generally gives them negative feelings. When people experience a state of anxiety or uncertainty, they tend to drift back to the comfort zone with “small thinking” filled with negative emotions. Therefore, the management needs to interpret those psychological responses to changes accurately, understand the full emotional cycle behind change, motivate people to check their psychological fitness, acquire the relevant knowledge, develop professional competence, and then truly focus on problem -solving rather than fixing symptoms only.

Psychological resilience: As uncertainties are a common occurrence in any walk of our progress, and failure is part of innovation. Resilience is a property of the elastic component of a person, psychological resilience improves our adaptation to fail over and fail forward. Talented people with psychological resilience can undergo high dynamic stress and yet they are able to recover smoothly to their original situation without much degradation of themselves.

In today’s “VUCA” normality, you cannot predict anything beforehand but can imagine with many experiences involved in the current or in the past circumstances. Resilience is the ability to respond to change proactively, act courageously when facing difficulties, stay positive, focus, and be flexible, recharge energy when the prevailing constraints of the dominant cultural ethos keep perpetuating silo thinking and outdated conventional wisdom. With psychological resilience, business leaders and professionals can have the right dose of risk tolerance for innovation, achieve their professional goals with the heart desire to experience ever deeper fulfillment by realizing and actualizing more of one's potential.

Psychological excellence: Our psychology has both emotional touch and scientific logic in it. Our mind is actively, or even proactively at the journey of the cognitive exploration of the state of consciousness, subconsciousness, or ultimately, superconsciousness. It takes time to come to understand ourselves and what that all encompasses. Psychology itself would be very difficult to apply and pursue if critical thinking was not a variable in the equation of its realization. Now with conscious thinking, tools, and techniques, hopefully, psychology can be dug through and managed more scientifically.

Keep in mind, being passionate or psychological enlightenment is good, but having the overdosed emotion or irrational exuberance perhaps hurt to either drive changes or catalyze innovation although it is a strong experience of illumination and insight. When we identify with our higher self, strength, spirit, or some other definition of the higher part of us which is not ego, we feel totally at peace to keep mind flow and stimulate creative energy. True self-esteem is based on direct experience of our core consciousness, our authentic self, which lies beyond our ego, with the state of psychological excellence through our higher mind and mental exercises.

Nowadays, our work life influences our personal lives, and our personal life influences our work life, they overlap, and this is a new area of psychology that is being discovered and will be changing and evolving. By continuous understanding and instilling healthy psychology, we have a natural respect for all life and an innate understanding that every human being is valuable. We have a sound understanding of basics and making fair judgments, and we reach a high level of psychological maturity and become wiser human beings.


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